The Monster Is Still Humming Along…

…the site has not crashed even though the obots were hard at work last night.  I must give kudos to my host for absorbing all the extra traffic, and for delivering my stats in a much more “timely” fashion.  I would also like to thank all the “big boys” for GETTING OFF MY SITE!  Do not fret, Monster readers, the cockroaches will be back soon enough I am afraid.

Friends and patriots, the following links are what the powers that be are looking at.  Please make sure to send these two links to all your friends and family and let them know why.  Ask them to sign up at Wake Up America and send kudos to the representatives for finding their cajones and being true patriots. IT IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS THAT SOMEBODY WHO WORKS FOR US IS REFUSING TO SHOW DOCUMENTS WE REQUEST, besides spending millions to protect his secrets.

And for those of you technically curious, check out PLIP ip addresses.  Yes, Canada – I know you are here and just wanted to Welcome You!

Many Mahalos,



Barack Obama’s Hidden Birth Certificate and Other Documents

To quote an old corny movie; “Fear Is The Mind Killer”.  Stand Up!  Are you an American or are you a Nazi SS Officer running for South America?

By Logistics Monster


  • Glad to see you survived the onslaught, Diamond! We appreciate all your bravery and efforts in fighting the machine!

    *waving to the Big Boys*

  • Still truckin’ I see Diamond. The big boys won’t shut you down, they’re too much interested in keeping tabs on what you and your friends are on to, so they can try to stay one step ahead of you or throw you a red herring.

  • So – everybody needs to check out GovTrack and bill H.R. 45: Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing. You will find the tracking widget in the far right column. If you sign up at GovTrack you can track elected officials and bills and have email alerts sent when they actually do something.

  • Everybody can come join me on the WAM Ning site on Sundays at 2pm EST. Look for the link in the right sidebar. Wake Up America.

  • Diamond,

    You stay strong. We need you. Check out this link & see what’s been happening to other brave souls who defy this illegal administration.

    I’m also waving to the big boys in that “special way” my husband says lets them know they are #1 with us. (middle finger extended)

    You rock!

    God bless America!

  • HI Diamond,

    Comments seem to be going OK. Running a little slow, but getting there. The slow uptake could be on my end, but I think it’s because you have so much traffic. Will keep you informed by email if I have any more trouble.

    The G7 conference has me a little worried. I still think Robert Zoellick’s “special measures” to stabilize global economy need investigating. His insistance that this be given “high priority”,along with his announcement that any effort to keep bail-out money at home would only worsen the global situation is troubling. His position as President of The World Bank makes me believe he is going to try to take the stimulus money and throw it into the New World Order pot. We know that this stimulus money is not going to bring all the new jobs that Obama has his followers thinking they’ll get and his (Obama’s) statement that this is only the beginning worries me even more. Keep digging, Diamond. You’re an expert at it. See you later.

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