$550 Billion Disappeared in “Electronic Run On the Banks”

H/T To Atlas Shrugs for this this video posted yesterday.  Watch the video and you decide if 2+2=4 when it comes to the timing of this electronic bank run.  (Damn, another rabbit hole to chase down now!)

By Logistics Monster


  • I think the interesting question here is why hasn’t the government told us who withdrew the money? I know they can follow that trail, so how about it guys? Hmmm? Who withdrew it?

    London and Dubai have been cited as the source of most of the transactions. Must be Maggie Thatcher was moving her 401k, right?

  • Last fall when the markets went to shit and our economy was going to collapse I said someone was manipulating the market. I knew it was some conglomerate with Soros’ touch added to it. He tried it in Thailand in 1997 dropping their currency like a hot potato. While Soros doesn’t have that kind of money to do it alone he was in on it. I said that all along. Some people think it was Dubai…I still think it was a conglomerate of Middle Eastern countries with a little Soros thrown in. The end result was to get Obama elected….the fis was in November 4th….and there was nothing we anti-Obama could do.

  • Stuff. “Are you eating it, or is it eating you?”

    Ask yourself some questions – where did the couple of trillion dollars go that disappeared off the Fed’s books?

    What organization has sufficient computer power to generate transactions so quickly they could “break the buck” and trigger the type of run that took place?

    What organization has sufficient computer power and money to be able to co-ordinate literally millions of electronic transactions in the last few minutes the stock market is open – and swing it in one direction or another, at will. Oh – and that just happens to have enough money to not care about potentially taking a few billion dollars in losses each day, if necessary.

    What if some sufficiently organization built themselves some monstrous tools – tools so powerful they were capable of “gaming the gamers”? Tools powerful enough to have worked up a full psychological profile on nearly every person – at least those of any significance – on the planet. Say, on anyone that has ever used any form of electronic communication, a telephone, the internet, or been observed as appearing in one of the 300+ per day normal surveillance camera observations that we here in the US are subjected to – every day – as we go about our normal business?

    And if you are thinking Google – you’re not even close. Google’s multi-terabyte database of every search anyone has ever performed on the internet, and the results of all those searches, since Google started keeping track of such things wouldn’t even fill the equivalent of a floppy disk’s worth of information by comparison.

    Where Google Satellite can show details down to there being a car in someones driveway, it can read the VIN numbers on the little plate on the dashboard of that car behind the windshield, at megapixel resolution.

    Think about it. Who is it really, that is feeding on who?

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