Nancy and the rest of the Progressive Socialist Party is working against the American Public with closed door meetings….what do you want to do about it?  WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO – think about what you want to do when you find out that the agreement for the socialist agenda/stimulus bill is reached while the Republicans are told their meeting is later today…

Go here for the full story.

5 thoughts on “YOU MUST WATCH THIS!!!!!”

  1. Oepn meetings my ass! The queen of Botox does it again. A little OT…this person who sends me media updates got her just desserts. She has been saying for more than a week that the Republicans are voting against the porkulus bill because they want to destroy the corruptocrats and win the 2010 elections. I told the person to remove from the list. I can’t stand the shit anymore. I also sent her this video and told her to cpver this video. She won’t, she still thinks the Corruptocrats are good Congresspeople….

  2. Amen, PetuniaPolitik.

    The New World Order has made many inroads since the administration of Jimmy Carter, where the advanced by leaps and bounds. Carter, like Obama, was a front man for these same people. Pelosia and Reid and their cohorts are their handmaidens.

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