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After watching Geithner fumble around yesterday, after watching the Dow tank 388 points, after watching the Senate pass the Obamanation’s Friends Of The Democrats Porkulus Bill, and now today awaiting the conferencing on the death of capitalism, the rise of socialism in our country, and the disrespect for America – her people…’s time….

H/T Puma Eyes:

By Logistics Monster


  • Well- what can we do? Someone needs to organize something.

    I love this site by the way.

  • GG…I am putting skype in today – check with IA if we can do conference…she knows more about it than I.

    Anybody noticing that gold jumped $30 yesterday and is still rising?

  • I am new here, but have totally been drawn into your site. So much is foreign to me as far as the technical terms of politics but I am smart enough to know something is a foul and I am glad to know that I can come here and really get a sense of the truth of things. I appreciate all your hard work and time dedicated towards the evils that are at work. I’ve come to the knowledge after going from website to website reading and digging that there is much time involved here. Thank you for doing that, for those who don’t have the time or can’t because they don’t know where to start or begin. It is so overwhelming for a beginner. I mean I could spend all day on the computer reading stuff, for that matter all night.

  • Deb – thanks for coming out of the shadows, and yes, you could read all day and night until you drop and still not learn everything that there is to know. I just try to keep it relevant to what is happening NOW!

    For the rest of the lurkers – you really should identify yourselves and speak your mind…my site gets 1000s of hits a day and very few comments – I have always wondered why? Too much fear?

  • Where is the outrage from health care professions and advocates for the elderly on the incorporating health care into the stimulus package? Also, where are the health care privacy advocates?

  • Diamond,

    Can’t say I’ve ever known you not to have something in mind after you hit a nugget!

    I’d love to chat with you and GRL…

  • Diamon, I have been under the weather for a few days and haven’t kept up. I will remedy that partially tonight to grab a part of what I have missed.

    I tried to reply to the post about Nancy and Harry and their dead of night mtg., but I got a message that Ididn’t have the right script or something. Also something about enabling cookies. I’ve never had that problem commenting on your blog before, so I’m suspicious. I hope this goes through.

    You’re on the right track. Although many want to read what you have to say, and agree with you they are afraid to comment. Afraid that lists are being compiled and they might end up in one of those barbed wire cages that Alcee Hastings (hr645?) presented a bill for.

    Some weeks back I went through a period where my security was blocking attempted invasions of my computer every day and sometimes more than once a day. My sentiments on what is happening to this country are the same as yours and I don’t usually pull my punches when I comment. I don’t know who was so interested in what I had to say, because I don’t have the ability to track it as you do, but it will be a cold day in hell when they shut me up.

    Geithner told us nothing. He used the same double talk that Obama uses. Mr. Turbo Tax Timmy is just another Obot, albeit a better educated one than the cheeto eating crowd. He did say the the Federal Reserve was ready to kick in one trillion dollars to save the housing market. Did you hear that, or did I dream it? I HAVE been having nightmares about this whole situation.

    I’ll be back after I’ve had time to catch up on everything. Glad to see Grail Guardian commenting here. She is a Grail Guardian indeed.

  • Lee – glad to see that you are back. Did I tell you that my site is getting hammered left, right and sideways? Also, the post that is going to cause me even more headaches is coming…you will know it when you see it.

    I am planning on doing the upgrade this evening – so hang in there if there is some down time – and as for security – getting hammered that way too.

    I was wondering what happened to you – gotta check in everyday.

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