Day: February 11, 2009


Nancy and the rest of the Progressive Socialist Party is working against the American Public with closed door meetings....what do you want to do about it?  WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO - think about what you want to do when you find out that the agreement for the socialist agenda/stimulus bill is reached while the Republicans are told their meeting is later today... Go here for the full story.
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The Gun To Our Heads 2.0

(Author's Note: Loyal Monster Readers, the "powers-that-be" seem to be sending this post around to a massive email list so I thought I would put it up so it would be easier to find.  :)  Enjoy!  I believe this more than ever; The One-Geithner-Pelosi-Reid-Frank administration is collapsing and we better be ready to pick up the pieces before they take the whole country down with them...originally posted 11-9-2008.) The Monster is no longer angry; The Monster is resolved. After 8 years of President Bush's crazed leadership, the country has now elected another loser, and upgraded the type of firearm being…
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Bloggers: Send This Round The World, It’s Time

After watching Geithner fumble around yesterday, after watching the Dow tank 388 points, after watching the Senate pass the Obamanation's Friends Of The Democrats Porkulus Bill, and now today awaiting the conferencing on the death of capitalism, the rise of socialism in our country, and the disrespect for America - her's time.... H/T Puma Eyes:
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