“He May Be President, But He Is Wrong”

H/T to Pat Dollard for this video.

By Logistics Monster


  • I feel so sorry for this woman and her family. They put their faith in obama as did so many other people thinking he actually cared about them. They are finding out obama not only does not care about them, it appears he doesn’t care about this country. Her daughter had the best idea…”impeach him”

  • I have no words! I have always known that Obama doesn’t care about military alive or dead. He doesn’t care about vets either. His crass manner in doing this is both hurtful and sad, so sad. And I so feel for her and her family!

  • Let’s dump on Obama! That’s all FOX does! You guys find every little thing you can to “nitpick” at him about. He’s a man! He’s not God. Since I’m not familiar with the events surrounding this woman’s disappointment in the president, I won’t comment it on it. All I can say is, you gave George Bush 8 years and he made a royal mess of things without too much of a fuss from the Republicans and the ilks at FOX, and Obama hasn’t been president a good month yet and you guys are nitpicking him to death. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t start calling him a Socialist for the type of toilet tissue he uses. Give it a rest and give the man a chance to do his job without all the criticism–like you gave that “stoopid” person who just left the white house.

  • Dame – Diane McDaniels is the mother of one of the USS Cole victims when the terrorists blew a hole in that ship. Bambi has just dropped the charges against the mastermind of the plot! How does that make you feel now? Do you not empathize with this MOTHER who lost her son and had the culprit within her reach and now he gets to WALK?


    My condolences for the disappointment that you will feel when you find out who he and his wife really are…

  • One more thing Dame – YOU NEED TO STOP SAYING “you guys” – unless you really want to think like the democrats who are saying “we won” “get over it”. I believe that we are all Americans and I will defend your right to say what you want and have your own opinion – that is why your comments have been posted – but you need to grow up sistah and stop letting the powers that be label and divide us. You are an AMERICAN – not a victim!

    Obama is a packaged and marketed FRONT for some very powerful people – keep coming back here and you will learn all about it.

  • DT, Dame is exactly what John Adams and Benjamin Franklin warned us about; Americans who don’t educate themselves will open the door to tyranny.

    How long before we start seeing bumperstickers saying, “I can’t believe I miss Bush?”

    Martin Luther Lincoln Jr. Jr. has done one thing…he emancipated the slaves!


  • Shtuey! I am so glad you are back! As for Dame – she’s a paid obot – been all over the puma sites leaving the same tired bullshit.

    ..pitchfork and torch anyone?

  • This made me so sad when I saw it. I’m a mother of 4 and my heart literally broke. To see her say she voted for him and she thinks she voted wrong…. And her daughter being so mad she wants him impeached…. I just don’t see how people like Dame above can defend stupid decisions he makes. It does send a horrible message to the world. It matters! When you make stupid decisions you can expect to get feedback from the public. Obama made a stupid decision- one with many more to follow and Dame better chill out and remember she lives in America. I will not be silenced in my criticism of someone who deserves it.

  • For the information of anyone…I did not vote for Bush. I have been a democrat for 50 years. It’s just that I educated myself about all the candidates and especially obama and McCain. I had never voted for a republican in my life. No regrets…happy that I did not vote for this administration.

  • This was such a tragic story on oh-so-many levels. I feel for this woman over the loss of her son on the USS Cole, and for the betrayal she felt by Obama’s actions. Again, had the media actually done its job, perhaps she would have voted differently (or perhaps, the person who actually got the most votes in the primary would have been her choice – the one wo actually DOES care abt vets). Obama has proven consistently that he doesn’t give a damn abt our military personnel. Unfortunately, regular people are the ones most affected by his callous disregard (remember how the MSM glossed over his failure to visit our wounded in Germany because it wouldn’t provide a photo op for him??).

    And I love how the Obot comes her crying, “He’s only a man!” after they have been touting him as the next coming for a freakin’ year now. Pathetic.

  • I saw this live as I walked by the TV.

    Very moving and the woman was quite on the mark with her assessment of the impact of this…

    “New face to the world” …crap.

  • I can only pray that this woman uses her voice to educate others about what Obama really represents before it is too late.

    Obama let the terrorists go because he is one of them, plain and simple. He’s just a higher pay grade.

  • When will the Obots like Dame wake up and realize that this man is really as anti-American as Fidel Castro is, or ever was. He is not an American – we don’t know what or who he really is. He is not my president and I do not feel that any decision he makes is legal. Until he shows his birth certificate (the real one) proving he is elilgible I will consider him an alien, and an illegal one at that.

    He will bring all the Gitmo prizoners to the U.S. mainland and then free them, give them money for their support, and they in turn will help him finish our country off. You and I will be put in the re-education camps for Brain-washing 101.

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