We Told You Obama Is A Socialist! (And Michelle Is The Real Power)

Someone is listening, thinking, paying attention, and HE HAS A LARGE MICROPHONE:

If you aren’t DVRing Glenn Beck on Fox News, why not?

A few days ago I suggested that we start a pool to see how long it was going to take for Obama’s administration to collapse because of his ineptitude, incredibly poor judgement with his cabinet picks, and losing his momentum at such a critical moment in our history because he is weak and just not freakin’ qualified to be Leader Of The Free World. The proof is in the pudding; he has Mishy running all over propping up the troops and pushing the depression bill:

Michelle Obama crafts policy agenda

As she prepares to step out beyond her role as the self-described “mom in chief,” Michelle Obama has been busy behind the scenes crafting a policy-driven agenda that will bring working-family issues into the White House — and she’s surrounded herself with a team of veteran political insiders and seasoned policy advocates to do it.

Aides are quick to say the first lady isn’t planning on having an independent policy power center in the East Wing. “Our job is to think through with the president and with the president’s team and assist in dialogue about policy. But the president is the policymaker,” said chief of staff Jackie Norris. In other words, it isn’t likely that Michelle Obama will be on the phone introducing herself to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, like Hillary Clinton did as first lady. At least not yet.

But as Obama made her first official trip outside the White House on Monday — to the Department of Education — the shape and direction of her office, with advisers who have worked for Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Edwards, clearly bear a lot more resemblance to Clinton’s style than to that of Laura Bush.

The credentials of Michelle Obama’s new team “give us a glimpse of the future,” said Carl Anthony Sferrazza, a former speechwriter for Nancy Reagan who also wrote the introduction to Hillary Clinton’s “Invitation to the White House: At Home With History.”


At her event yesterday, she caught herself using the word “we” to describe her husband’s administration — and was careful to shift gears. (She said this ALOT!)

“We’re going to be making investments, and I shouldn’t say ‘we,’ but the administration ‘we.’ … With these investments we are going to create good jobs as we renovate and modernize more than 10,000 schools and improve the learning environment,” Obama said, making a pitch for her husband’s economic stimulus plan.

Aides said she will visit every Cabinet-level federal agency in the coming weeks in a kind of get-to-know-you tour. She’ll also seek to expand her campaign role as “listener” on the national stage, traveling from time to time. First stop is her local community, however.

“We are starting down the path of getting to know Washington, D.C., and thinking through the areas that the first lady will advocate on behalf of,” said Norris. “We are eagerly talking to people about ways that the first lady can integrate into the community.”

or how about this?

Michelle expands role as First Lady

In three short days, Michelle Obama has expanded on her role as mom-in-chief to take on new and somewhat unusual duties for a first lady – actively pitching her husband’s economic stimulus package, now facing trouble in the Senate. (emphasis mine.  You know it’s bad when Mishy and her big mouth have to be brought out.  She is almost as bad as Biden.)

As she makes a “get-to-know-you” tour of federal agencies, Obama is using her considerable platform to amplify the message coming out of the White House: pass the stimulus plan, and pass it now. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has ramped up his efforts as well, reaching out to Republicans one-on-one, doing back-to-back TV interviews and tapping his grassroots network through the Internet.
The White House seems to be betting that Michelle Obama can work some of her old campaign magic—she was nicknamed “the closer,” because she was so effective at getting undecided voters on board.

Some experts said it was surprising to hear a new first lady making such a direct political appeal for her husband’s specific policy initiatives, and so soon after moving into the White House.

We saw this coming miles away….the obots….not so much.

In other news:

Deutsche Bank posts first loss since WWII, rejects state aid

Moscow abandons bail-outs for bank aid

Just another little tidbit; His Majesty’s approval rating is sinking:

By Logistics Monster


  • I thought she was getting a salary for just being. And of course being the “Mom-In-Chief”. I laughed so hard when I heard that…that’s like saying I’m going to be the Maid-In-Chief in my household.

  • Hey, did Beck feel this way when Bush used TERROR to shove us into Iraq???

    Short memory, I guess….

    Sigh, it would be really nice to have ONE of these RWers be honest and really do something for the country…And the same goes for the likes of Olbermann and Maddow.

    Jon Stewart, at least, seems to go after everyone.

  • monster mama,

    did we really think that MOjo was going to spend her days and nights knitting and teaching cursive handwriting? this woman was the driving force behind her man’s self prostitution in chicago…with all her ties lined up in a row.
    i didn’t vote for him, and i surely didn’t vote for that american apologist. sickening!

  • petunia – yes, we knew then and we know now who is really running the WH right now and it makes me just sick to see such a greedy, grasping person in charge. The only good thing is that those out there that didn’t realize it are seeing it now.

  • Assuming that they are capable of seeing, Diamond, they will see IT. But they may also just see their glorious MO helping the messiah reach his goal. Isn’t that what good little girls are supposed to do?

    Gods,they make me sick – the O’s their Obots, alike.

  • Ya know, I almost feel bad for Barry.


    He’s whipped and henpecked. His wife’s got him by the short & curlies (unlike Bill and Hillary, if Barry steps out on Michelle she’ll cut his nuts off) so she can control him by withholding her bubbling brown sugar. And plus his mother-in-law is living with them and undoubtedly offering her advice too.

    It would be fun to watch if it was some other country and their president.

  • I don’t feel sorry for him at all. They got together back at the original law firm and gaining the WH was always the plan, and now we are paying for it because at least 69 Million Americans have become brainwashed sheep.

  • Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, up pops Michelle. Their visit to an elementary school in D.C. the other day was just an advanced notice that Meechell is going to be more visible and take a more active part in pushing the Messiah’s (her’s really) programs. Singly either of these spell trouble. As a pair they spell disaster. After she destroys the interior of the White House they will probably paint the outside of it Red.

    With the economy in such a perilous shape that immediate passage of his stimulus plan is necessary to save the coountry (according to Obama) how can we afford a complete redecorating of the White House? Oh, I forgot the giving of some skin only applies to the peons, not the Royalty.

  • You people are just sour because Obama won the White House. Oh, how soon we forget how we got into the mess we’re in (can anybody say George Bush)! We have the largest deficit in history (thanks to Bush and the Republicans) and this country is in a terrible mess. It’s going to take a lot to get us back on track and you people don’t want to even give Obama a chance simply because he’s a Democrat. If he were a Republican suggesting the stimulus package, you’d be all for it. You guys need to get a life and find something to really gripe about other than Obama. If you think you can do better, run for office and stop sitting back talking about it. Michelle is a strong woman and admired by many. Her role in the White House first and foremost will be that of mother and wife and she will be championing issues she believes in. She’s an educated, articulate, smart woman and you guys just aren’t used to having a woman like that (especially a Republican woman) in the White House who is meely-mouthed and subserviant. Go Michelle!!!!!

  • Dame – go to my picture at the top of the page and click on it for Gun To Our Heads – you will find that I am not a republican and I have disliked OBAMA SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING AND ALL POLITICIANS FOR THE LAST 25 YEARS.

    Get over yourself and GET EDUCATED! Why don’t you start on my Socialism page and then write Obama and ask him what passport he traveled to Pakistan on in the 1980’s when Americans were NOT ALLOWED to go to Pakistan?

    My condolences for the disappointment that you will feel when you find out who he and his wife really are…Bush III

  • C. Copeland -

    “Get over yourself and GET EDUCATED! Why don’t you start on my Socialism page..”

    Oh, I’m sure that’s just some stellar “education” there. A treatise on socialism by somebody who’s probably never even read the Communist Manifesto and thinks “socialist” means “anybody who raises anybody’s taxes.”

    As a socialist (gasp- grab the pitchforks and dust off the Bircher tracts!) let me tell you…and trust me on this…Obama IS NOT A SOCIALIST!

  • C. Copeland -

    Okay, went over to the socialism page to get my edu-ma-cation, but instead I got this:

    “While there are different schools of socialism, which often tend to have differing views of the ideal socialist society, some general examples of socialist concepts are: The desire to abolish capitalism, to place the means of productionexploits the working class, and they desire for workers to play a vital role in moving society from capitalism to socialism (either by rising up in a revolution or general strike, or by voting en masse for socialist political parties). under the collective ownership of the people, and to achieve a very high degree of economic and political equality. Socialists argue that capitalism”

    Oh dear…where to begin…

    “to place the means of productionexploits the working class”

    To be fair, this looks like a cut and paste error, likely indicative of the depth of your groundbreaking research on leftist radicalism.
    And where were you going with that “socialists argue that capitalism” sentence? (you never finished it)
    Yeah, I think I’ll find a better place to get “educated”. I’d advise anyone else that stumbles on this train-wreck of a site to do the same.

  • Wow CC….I’m shaking in my boots with that really vicious attack! Here, let me run off to my bedroom and shut the door and hibernate like some teenager.

    Just love those personal attacks from those paid Obamabots…and if he isn’t paying you – he should be because you qualify…

    You are killing me here! ROFL!

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