The “Obama Is Not Weak…Really!” Series

Oh my goodness gracious!  A few days ago the president of Iran was telling Obama what was going to happen and now we have this:

Kyrgyzstan to close U.S. base used to supply Afghanistan

MOSCOW — In a setback to the escalating U.S. military efforts in Afghanistan , the president of Kyrgyzstan said Tuesday that his government will shut down the American air base in his country.

U.S. officials say that the Manas Air Base is vital to plans to send an additional 30,000 American troops to Afghanistan , a linchpin of President Barack Obama‘s efforts to pacify the country.

The announcement by President Kurmanbek Bakiyev came in Moscow , not in his own capital, and shortly after the Russian government reportedly agreed to lend Kyrgyzstan $2 billion , write off $180 million in debt and add another $150 million in aid. Although the Russian government didn’t release a statement about the decision, the timing and place of the announcement indicated that the Kremlin had been involved.

The Russian government has been pushing to restore its clout in the former Soviet sphere of influence — despite deep economic problems at home — a trend that most analysts say will make Obama’s dealings with Russia delicate at best.

“It’s a direct challenge to the new American administration. Russia is going out of its way to close an American base,” said Pavel Felgenhauer , a Moscow -based military analyst.

Shall we add that to the list from “Messages“?

I will have you know that I am not getting very much research done because I am wayyyyyyy toooooo entertained with the inanity of the impostor in our WH.  This whole situation is so ridiculous and it has pushed the envelope so far beyond common sense that “the center cannot hold”.  I have faith that the situation will right itself before too long.  Hang in there peeps!!

By Logistics Monster


  • This is indeed bad news for America. Not only because it will hinder our operations in Afghanistan, but it will send a message to others that America is weakening. That our new faux-president is in fact an empty suit that can be pushed any which way. This action will embolden others to demand that American bases be dismantled. It’s no secret that certain factions have been trying to oust us from Saudi Arabia for a long while.

    Putin is determined to regain all territory that Russia has lost, and he sees in the administration of Barack Obama the chance to once again become the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    Manas Air Base is a strategic point in our war in Afghanistan, and President Bakiyev of Kyrgyzstan has sold out to Putin. He apparently feels that of the two (Putin or Obama) it would safer to side with Putin. How long before others take the same position? We’re in for a lot of headaches with this musical comedy star at the helm of our Ship of State.

    Thanks, Monster for another warning for America. Since the MSM isn’t doing their job, I guess we’ll have to depend on the blogs to keep us informed of important news.

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