Just another message from the Monster as I pop my head up from the rabbit hole to tell y’all that this patriot and family are “all good”, just busy chasing another mystery and will have something to inform you about very soon.

Here’s a thought though; does anybody want to start a pool on how long it is going to take the rest of America to figure out that the Obama administration is inept, collapsing, and that they have been behind the eightball chasing the momentum that they once had before Timothy Geithner’s tax problem first arose.  Now we have Nancy and Tom both withdrawing because of tax problems and Bambi apologizing for making such a big “screw-up”.

Tax problems torpedo two big Obama nominations

“I’m frustrated with myself, with our team. … I’m here on television saying I screwed up,” Obama said in an interview on NBC’s “Nightly News with Brian Williams.” He repeated virtually the same words in several other interviews.

Let’s recap so far, (and I am sure I am forgetting some events):

  1. Apologizing for Timothy,
  2. Apologizing to the Muslim world for America,
  3. Getting his butt kicked after wooing House Republicans who shut him out on the Stimulus Bill,
  4. Attacking Rush Limbaugh (Please!),
  5. Apologizing for choosing Tom….what’s next?

Are we yet allowed to Impeach this Idiot-Child for being a Wuss and totally unqualified to be the Leader Of The Free World?

I would like the world that comes across my site to know that OBAMA IS NOT AMERICA contrary to what the MSM and the koolaid drinkers would like you to believe.  Roughly 58 Million people voted against Obama and we are the segment of the population that enjoys owning guns, capitalism, and freedom.

(I would like to thank the Democratic National Headquarters for joining us yet again.  I will just keep calling out your names until you stop coming here!….Nothing to see – move along…)

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