WAM Tele-Event On What Congress Is Up To Now….

My readers know that I was against all the bank swapping that was happening during 2008; I was against the first $700B “Bank Bailout Bill”; I was calling, faxing and writing letters to make sure the second half of the TARP money was not disbursed into the ether, and recently letting my elected officials know that I would do everything in my power to get them fired when they come up for re-election if they voted for the $1.2 Trillion Stimulus/Pork Spending/Nancy Pelosi’s Socialist, Liberal Agenda Wet Dream Bill.

We know how that worked out, but new and more catastrophic information is coming to light about Nancy’s agenda and I suggest you attend the following tele-event being sponsored by Wake Up America Movement.

To be able to attend the Tele-event, send an email to joinwam@wamtoday.org; please let them know you received the 411 here on the Monster, and would like to be included. Make sure to Include your name and state please.

You’ll get an email back with the Confidential Call-in Code in time for Monday’s important Event. Thanks for caring about U.S. Working together now for MEDIA REFORM is critical to our future.





FEBRUARY 2nd, 8:30 – 9:30 ET

We all know that without the brainwashing of the American public – by the mass MEDIA – Obama would not be in the White House. Now we are confronted with the ongoing MSM cover-up of the facts of the so-called “Stimulus Plan”. The secrets being kept include:

* The fact that the current bill’s 600 pages include mountains of special interest expenditures, campaign pay-offs and other costly measures which have nothing at all to do with “stimulating the Economy.”

* Not only does this bill – HR1 – multiply the staggering debt of the T.A.R.P. funds previously agreed to and already of doubtful outcome. This next step spending spree is ONLY THE BEGINNING. The entire “Obama Recovery Plan” is actually composed of TEN NEW PIECES of LEGISLATION – of which this TRILLION DOLLARS of debt is barely the tip of the iceberg!

* Also this week, with no MEDIA scrutiny, the SENATE SAILED THROUGH THE NEW SCHIP PROGRAM which spends millions more to ensure the healthy birth and ongoing health care of children of ALIENS. This, despite the fact that forecasts now indicate our health care system is not equipped for this burden.

The general public is ill-informed of the FACTS & DETAILS of what has been spent and WHO it will help or HOW it can be expected to serve the CRITICAL PURPOSE of resolving the real-estate crisis or creating the jobs we need! It’s no exaggeration to say that Americans are being swindled by our own government! There is only one way to circumvent the MEDIA’s cover-up of Washington’s current INSANITY- WE MUST BECOME THE MEDIA – and SPREAD the TRUTH ourselves- in well coordinated ways for maximum impact and influence on current events.

JOIN this TeleEvent to learn a STRATEGY that really will work to correct the public ignorance while there is still time to mobilize middle-class America to STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS to FAIR REFLECTION by our Washington officials. Your ACTION is needed to preserve our democracy – but not all courses of action are equal. Just complaining and protesting won’t achieve needed REFORMS.

As part of W.A.M. Strategic MEDIA REFORM PROGRAM, you’ll be at the leading edge of the real facts as they unfold – and your coordinated ACTIONS on the MEDIA will make a real difference!

Take the time for this STRATEGIC CONFERENCE to urgently change the public perception and reaction to Obama’s big socialist game plan. Efforts without a plan are futile and ineffective.

Cooperative involvement of those who know enough to care and care enough to know make all the difference.

W.A.M. knows you care – join this Event to be “in the know” and make your Voice heard!


Comments and replies, please to: wamaction@wamtoday.org

By Logistics Monster


  • Sunshinelvr -

    I downloaded firefox to see if it works for me. I will either be back to let you know or …anyway, another good post!

  • Sunshinelvr -

    So far working very well. Thanks for the suggestion. Will be reading daily!

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Sunshine – my guess would be that you were running Internet Explorer? Yes? What a piece of crap programming that it.

    I am glad you switched over to firefox – great security.

  • Hi Diamond and Sunshine: I hope you both noticed that el-Quadaffi who has been elected as head of the African Union is declaring that he will have a United States of Africa by the next meeting in July. I found the story in the NY Times, but it disappeared; fortunately it was still available after a search in Reuters, so I relinked it. He is definitely talking NWO.

    Love your new page set up, Diamond and glad you are posting your visitors. I enjoy seeing them; hope they are squirming.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    I am going to go screenshot that article right now…thanks for the tip. As for my visitors? don’t know if they are squirming or not, but do know that they are using home computers now as the ip addresses aren’t commercial/government as much….example – the US Embassy in Canada.

    BUT we still know they are coming here and why…LOL

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