A Little Visual Aid For The Economically Impaired

Are you understanding why we need to get rid of The Federal Reserve now?  How about the next $2 Trillion slated to save the banks?

…or how about this?

By Logistics Monster


  • I said the more money we print the lower the value of our dollar! Simple economic truth! That is learned in Econ 101…

    The fraud doesn’t understand this and thinks it is the Chinese who are causing the fluctuation in our dollar value…so do some other people we know well!

    Every time we print more money we do it do ourselves. People should be watching Beck….simple truth!

  • Glen is on to something….Mexico is the clue! I truly believe it….we better not bail them out or we do collapse. I bet we do though! Mexico can’t pay their bills right now. Loans are being called….Beck is right no one has their eye on the bigger picture but you and me!

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