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Author’s Update: I originally posted the following item on 12/22/08 and what followed was The Fed series which you can find at the top of this blog; it has it’s own page.  The reason for bumping up this post is that this particular article has now gotten more hits than any other including the “Socialism” series; which I find rather odd and incredibly interesting.  Also of note are two blogs that are hitting this post; Let’s Take The High Road and djd58.  These two blogs are protected and all the hits come from the same 4 IP addresses.  I have been watching both and the hits number in the 1000s.  Also, I have stated that I will let you know when interesting visitors show up.  BEHOLD, my most interesting visitor today, Davis, Polk & Wardell, probably one of the most influential law firms in the world.  Two days ago the U.S. Treasury was on.  Are we full of it kids, or are they getting nervous?  The Republicans better find their cajones and stop that $900 Billion (really 1.2 Trillion) Stimulus Bill.

From Davis, Polk & Wardell’s site:

Lead counsel to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the U.S. Department of the Treasury on a series of unprecedented financing transactions for AIG, including (i) the Fed’s $85 billion credit facility and related equity ownership rights; (ii) the Fed’s subsequent participation in up to $37.8 billion of securities lending transactions; (iii) the issuance of $40 billion of newly issued perpetual preferred shares to Treasury; (iv) the creation of two entities capitalized with up to $52.5 billion in senior financing from the Fed to address issues arising out of AIG’s U.S. securities lending program and credit default swaps obligations.

Lead counsel to Citi on its realignment into two businesses, Citicorp and Citi Holdings.

Lead counsel to Citi on its proposed joint venture with Morgan Stanley that will combine Morgan Stanley’s Global Wealth Management Group and Citi’s Smith Barney retail brokerage units in the U.S., U.K. and Australia into a new entity, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

Lead counsel to Citi on its agreement with agencies of the U.S. government pursuant to which the U.S. government has provided a package of guarantees on $306 billion of assets, liquidity access and capital, including a $20 billion investment in Citi’s preferred stock under TARP and a $7 billion investment in preferred stock in connection with the above guarantees.

Lead counsel to Citi on its proposed $56 billion rescue of Wachovia, which was the first FDIC-assisted “open bank” transaction to invoke the “systemic risk” exception to the “least cost resolution” principle.

Counsel to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on the U.S. Treasury’s $250 billion bank capital purchase program.

Counsel to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on the creation of the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF), through which the New York Fed will extend up to $200 billion in non-recourse loans to certain holders of newly issued AAA-rated asset-backed securities collateralized by student loans, consumer loans and small-business loans.

Lead counsel to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) on a proposed increase in its equity capital, the U.S. government’s conservatorship and financial assistance package, as well as the Department of Justice and SEC investigations.

Counsel to Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) on U.S. bank regulatory and other issues relating to HMG’s plan to provide financial support to the U.K. banking system.

Lead counsel to Citi as the organizer of a multi-bank financing on a potential pre-bankruptcy acquisition of Lehman by Barclays. The firm is also advising several major financial institutions on credit exposure issues relating to Lehman.

I guess a warm welcome is in order for such a prestigious and connected New York law firm, yes?

If you want to get into what they think about the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, go here, and if you want to learn about how this law firm is tied into everything, check out their Wiki; make sure to take the time to scroll down and look at their alumni, for example, Kirsten Gillibrand – U.S. Senator (D-NY).

Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to why they are visiting on The Monster?  I’m open….


Good Evening All,

I wanted to leave a note for y’all to let you know that I had an email sent to me a day ago and what started out as simple research for one article has overturned a can of worms, or snakes as the case may be, and I will not be posting anything for a few days as I research and sift through all the material and connections that are rising to the surface.  I would like to let it be known though, that if half of what I have found is true, Obama is the least of our worries, and if you are a person of prayer, now might be a good time to start again or continue, and that comment coming from a recovering Catholic says quite a bit.

Also, I left a note in my sidebar about converting your currency to silver or gold bullion.  I put that note up before I really started the research and that note holds more true now than ever.  Might be a good idea to do it before The One Ascends.

I am foreseeing another series of articles like the “Socialism” series and will let you know when the first is close to being posted.

Thank you for your patience and please take some time to wander around the site and read some articles that you may have missed.

Many Mahalos and Safe Journeys,

Diamond Tiger

(Shtuey – better make that a case of beer and some whiskey….)

By Logistics Monster


  • That’s not fair! Good Luck. If you need research help let me know. It is slow here. I will be glad to help. Sorry I wasn’t too much help on the Pelosi Obama connection. I think Kerry was the Obama mentor….that explains his coming out so hard for Obama.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Hey Navy! I will probably be giving you a call soon about this. The top of my head started to come off when I started digging…then the nausea. Dragged the white board out again – I hate having to do that!!!

    We are so screwed!

  • I’m putting all my money into deodorant. I look at it this way. If the spit hits the spam people will be giving me gold in exchange for Mennen. Then I’d take my deodorant profits and invest in cigarettes.

    This is the kind of creative thinking America can expect from a Shtuey administration.

  • I have a sick feeling that any day now, our economy (and the world’s) is going to implode! I hope I’m wrong, but I have NO faith in the knuckleheads who are running things.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Ginny – it is going to implode and that is the plan….silver and gold baby, silver and gold. (and guns)

  • Interesting about Gillibrand…she is supposed to be a Blue Dog Democrat….Boy is that law firm connected to the government…that explains much…interesting that they are visiting your site maybe because all your research is right on the money and they don’t like it!

    I was waiting to see who opened their mouth first….figured it would be Pelosi….nationalization of banks stinks. If that happens I guarantee the middle of the country will be the first to pull away and establish state sovereignty….and we will see the beginning of another civil war.

    Kansas will not stand for it. No Kansas banks have taken money from the bailout and they have no intention of it. By the way they don’t screw people out of money either. My friend Dan got left holding the bag by the City of Garden Plain…the local Garden Plain bank is working with him, while things are tight for him and his wife they aren’t calling in the loan! I will tell you the whole story sometime!

  • Glad you see you’re alive…hope you get my email..

    OFF-TOPIC but…no really…..

    The House may vote on the “stimulus package” today…

    Take Action: Call Your Representative about the House Vote on the “Stimulus Package” Today! (Info on the Bill, Including ACORN, too)


    Toll-free nos. provided with links to background info…the ACORN $$ alone should get you going!

    OK, so it will pass…but it’s a matter of SELF-RESPECT and going on the record so at least they know SOMEONE is watching!!!!!

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Navy – Secession will not be allowed. The socialists need people like you and me to keep working our asses off to fund the people that are smokin’ crack.

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