B. Hussein Obama: The Campaign For Dominance That Never Ends

Wow, I take a week off and then think better of it and I get sooooooooooooooooooooooo behind.

I tracked this story back through Uppity Woman, RBO, an unapologetic conservative named Basti’s site, (who I rather enjoyed), to NRO and finally ending at the LA Times.  We all knew it could get worse and guess what? IT IS! We all knew this was happening, and it is why I started speaking about dropping political labels, becoming patriots, and building the Jeffersonian Coalition months ago to fight just this sort of personal army.

Retooling Obama’s campaign machine for the long haul

The vast network that helped elect Obama will be tapped to lobby lawmakers on behalf of the president, with an eye toward reelection. A service organization as a nonprofit arm is also considered.

Reporting from Washington — As Barack Obama builds his administration and prepares to take office next week, his political team is quietly planning for a nationwide hiring binge that would marshal an army of full-time organizers to press the new president’s agenda and lay the foundation for his reelection.

The organization, known internally as “Barack Obama 2.0,” is being designed to sustain a grass-roots network of millions that was mobilized last year to elect Obama and now is widely considered the country’s most potent political machine.

Organizers and even Republicans say the scope of this permanent campaign structure is unprecedented for a president. People familiar with the plan say Obama’s team would use the network in part to pressure lawmakers — particularly wavering Democrats — to help him pass complex legislation on the economy, healthcare and energy.

The plan could prompt tensions with members of Congress, who are unlikely to welcome the idea of Obama’s political network targeting them from within their own districts. Already, Democratic Party officials on the state level worry that it could become a competing political force that revolves around the president’s ambitions while diminishing the needs of down-ballot Democrats.

Though the plan still is emerging, one source with knowledge of the internal discussion said the organization could have an annual budget of $75 million in privately raised funds. Another said it would deploy hundreds of paid staff members — possibly one for every congressional district in certain politically important states and even more in larger battlegrounds such as Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina.


In what would be another unprecedented step, Obama’s political staff is deciding whether to create a service organization that would use the vast corps of its grass-roots campaign supporters. As described by one source knowledgeable with the discussions, this nonprofit arm would be used to help victims of natural disasters, but would do so under the Obama umbrella while continuing to build the overall network’s massive e-mail database.

A personal army carrying forward an Obama agenda with an annual budget of $75 Million in privately raised funds…..Hitler 2.0 anyone?

By Logistics Monster


  • This sounds an awful lot like the Zampolits from the Soviet era, political commissars assigned to every ministry, office, and military unit to ensure compliance with the dictates of the state. Oh, and to spy on them too to report ideological impurity back to Moscow.

  • HOLY CRAP, DT! This SHOULD be unbelievable, except those of us who were paying attention all along knew this was going to happen. This is exactly what the Obama Camp set up earlier on, threatening people like that Backstabber John Lewis in GA, telling him to drop Clinton and get on board, then they targeted him ANYWAY for not doing it sooner! These are some scary, scary people.

    If you don’t mind, I’m going to link this piece at my blog and ask folks to come by. This is really something, DT. Great work!

  • He is employing the ACORN techniques. I have already received my DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) 2009 membership card. It has obama’s picture on it, with my name below and a number they have given me. The card is meant to be put in my wallet. Later will come the chip, I’m sure.

    This is a new technique to make citizens WANT to be a part of this diabolical fascist movement, although the poor, stupid bastards don’t know what is really being done, or will be done to them. Obama will make it so that everyone WANTS to be a part of a movement. This is really all taken from the playbooks of other fascist regimes.

    The more I know, the more stressed I become. I’m even having bad dreams and waking up at night.

    We need to reach more people! How do we counter this thing?

  • To counter this “thing” is as simple as emulating it. If “bama folks” can do it so can those who oppose his policies and re-run for prez. There are just as many people out there with computers who would do the same thing…probably voluntarily. It just takes networking. Start with your friends lists, your blog respondents and multiply from there. Got my attention and I’m usually just a fly-by.

  • how do you think i feel? i took a month off [glorious…..no thinking about politics] and now i realize that America has become amerikkka…
    now that we have el dou che’ in the oval office we are in big big trouble. and both mccain and clinton are helping him.

  • 2.0 Indeed…anyone for 3?

    Aside from our Diamond’s usual brilliance, ginny’s got it right too–look at the Big Picture, everyone! This goes far beyond parties, those quaint accessories contrived to give people the illusion that they have a say in their country’s business.

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