“The Federal Reserve Is No More Federal Than Federal Express”

…this speaks for itself.  H/T to Ginny for the link:

We must take back control of our money from the New York Banking Cartel.

If you really, really, really, (I am not kidding), want to know more, go here.  (Do not leave comments that I did not warn you!).

3 thoughts on ““The Federal Reserve Is No More Federal Than Federal Express””

  1. BS….I don’t think FDR’s CCC will work in this day and age. People want instant gratification. Obama’s stupid plan isn’t going to work. It is time to stop the destruction of our country. No tax cuts! it is a flash in the pan! And the best laugh of all Hustler now wants a chunk of the bailout money!

  2. Navy – people are being sold a bill of goods when it comes to the FDR marketing. FDR’s policies got us into this mess…it was the start.

    I put up the video to show people that some of our elected officials are speaking the truth about the federal reserve.

    The Fed is a private banking cartel who are doing whatever they please and currently are working together with central banks all over the world to start one world currency.

  3. I really have a hard time believing in the Fed issuing any money it has no records of.
    So how do we know the $350 billion claimed to be disbursed actually existed? ever?
    Lotta paper with no records. What? not on paper?
    Solari Circles dispense with Fed’s imaginary currency.

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