You know the economic collapse is complicated.  Let’s start here and tell me if you think this guy is lying.

Jim Rogers, Chairman, Rogers Holdings, November 11, 2007.

If you have been reading the Economic Collapse series, then you now know that the Federal Reserve System is privately owned, and if you have been feeling at a loss on how to handle the cascading economic crisis that we are now experiencing, and feel like Americans have become addicted to credit and are in the throes of heroin withdrawal; this will give you the who (The Fed), why (to bankrupt America by taking your money, homes, businesses, etc.), probably make you feel better, and give you a way to act; and it may even give you hope that all of America is not asleep.  Remember where the bailout money is going and who is buying what with it, meanwhile the average American is losing everything….

Please do not be put off by the passion and energy of Alex Jones in the following video; just listen to what he has to say, and think about the passion of the PUMA movement.  Mr. Jones was speaking at one of the rallies that you probably have not heard about.

We should all be more than a little disturbed that not even the “big name” bloggers covered this event, and even though I have run across a blurb on CNN, by and large, none of the MSM is talking about what happened recently, and we all know what that usually means.

On November 22, 2008; a mere 43 days ago, at least 40 rallies were held in major cities across the United States protesting The Federal Reserve under the auspices of End The Fed to support Sound Money For America and to petition Congress to repeal the Federal Reserve Act in keeping with H.R. 2755, Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act that has been proposed by Ron Paul.  I personally thought Ron Paul had the best understanding of what is actually going on in the country and the abyss that we are standing at the edge of.  I agree that Hillary knows the economy backwards and forwards, but I also know that I never heard her say that the Federal Reserve was at the bottom of the economic problems because of the amount of magic money they have been diluting the economy with.   I am hoping that you understand that prices are not actually going up; the value of the dollar and what it can actually buy is going down.

I also know that the MSM has made Ron Paul look like a tinfoil hat wearing freak from some outer dimension of the universe, and because of that I did not vote for Ron Paul because I also knew that he had a snowball’s chance in hell of beating the machine that was behind and continues to back The Resident Evil.  Here are a few questions you may want to think about.

  1. How much do you actually know about Ron Paul?
  2. Has it occurred to you that Central Banks all over the world are funding all the wars that are happening right now and are war profiteers?
  3. Did you know our Federal Reserve has as it’s main stockholders banks all over the world?
  4. Have you noticed that Ron Paul’s “Revolution” looks alot like Bambi’s followers except Ron Paul has an actual message and well thought out plans?
  5. Were you even aware that H.R. 2755 has been out there since 2007?

H.R. 2755: Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act:

Summary | Full Text
Occurred: IntroducedJun 15, 2007
Occurred: Referred to CommitteeView Committee Assignments
Not Yet Occurred: Reported by Committee(did not occur)
Not Yet Occurred: Voted on in House(did not occur)
Not Yet Occurred: Voted on in Senate(did not occur)
Not Yet Occurred: Signed by President(did not occur)
This bill never became law. This bill was proposed in a previous session of Congress. Sessions of Congress last two years, and at the end of each session all proposed bills and resolutions that haven’t passed are cleared from the books.
Last Action: Jun 15, 2007: Referred to the House Committee on Financial Services.

Pay attention to that last line:  June 15, 2007: Referred to the House Committee on Financial Services; and we all know who the Chairman of this committee is, right?  Public Enemy #2; Barney Frank; Nazi Nancy being #1.

Do you really want to leave as important a decision as letting the fraudulent, unconstitutional, (add your own description here), Federal Reserve System in place to BARNEY??????????????

If not, please go HERE to sign up and get involved with ending the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System and returning to a sound money policy based on precious metals that is being touted by more influential economists and commodities traders than just Jim Rogers and Ron Paul.

Constitutional Provision for Money:

Below are videos from some of the rallies to help you understand that you are not alone!

End The Fed

November 22, 2008

Here is just a few of the cities that the rallies took place in: NY, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Houston, Detroit, Buffalo, Bloomington, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco.


New York City:

Alex Jones In Dallas: (“We are in the internet age and everyone is learning who you are”) Part 1

Part 2 (This will make you smile)




Washington, DC


San Antonio:

San Francisco:

Bloomington, Indiana:

“Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve”

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