Is Everybody Sick To Death Of Hank Paulson Yet?

Treasury Monday night added $6 billion to the $17.4 billion bailout announced Dec. 19, chiefly to help the financial arm of General Motors Corp. Photo: AP
Treasury Monday night added $6 billion to the $17.4 billion bailout announced Dec. 19, chiefly to help the financial arm of General Motors Corp. Photo: AP

If you do not think Hank Paulson is an enemy of the United States after everything he has done in the last six months in regards to the original 3 Page Bailout Proposal, and now our Tax Dollars (Bailout Money) disappearing into the ether, take a gander at this!

Treasury antes up in auto bailout

Stepping into deeper waters to help the auto industry, Treasury Monday night added $6 billion to the $17.4 billion bailout announced Dec. 19, chiefly to help the financial arm of General Motors Corp. (emphasis mine)

Using financial markets rescue funds, Treasury will purchase $5 billion in senior preferred equity from GMAC LLC, and up to $1 billion more will be lent to GM itself so the automaker can participate in a rights offering at GMAC, which has wanted to reorganize itself as a bank holding company. (WTF? Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?)

GMAC won approval from the Federal Reserve last week to become a bank holding company, but that was contingent on the auto and home loan provider raising at least $30 billion in capital. Treasury’s announcement would appear to move GMAC closer to that goal, and a GM spokeswoman was optimistic Monday night.

From Treasury’s standpoint, the new commitment raises again the pressure on the White House, Congress and the incoming Obama administration to come together on some plan for releasing the second half of the $700 billion financial rescue fund enacted in October. (Paulson wants the rest of the money after the first $350 Billion disappeared and this is just another strong-arm tactic.)

At what point are Americans going to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and march on D.C. to show our disapproval of ONE MAN having so much power?

Are we going to allow Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke to destroy our monetary system by throwing good money after bad, AND printing as much money as they need creating super-inflation and a diminishing dollar?

Wake Up America; these guys are not smarter than us unless you count shady, greedy, self-enrichment as intelligent qualities.

By Logistics Monster


  • Our monetary system is already just about dead; it’s now on life support. The banking cartel is making sure it gets what it can, while it can. Paulson and Bernake should have their asses thrown in prison! Maybe throw in a few politicians with them, then throw away the key.

    We’re awake, where’s everybody else? I’m ready to march.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Ginny – I vote for dropping their asses by helicopter into Somalia…permanent deportation for being traitors.

  • Diamond Tiger, you know what? They ARE traitors! In all seriousness, that is what they are. They are feeding off their own countrymen and women. They have turned us into slave laborers. They have initiated wars. All the politicians know what they are, yet they keep silent. The only one I hear speaking is Ron Paul; and sometimes I worry about his safety.

    America need to wake up!

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Ron Paul sounds like he is wearing a tinfoil hat. Numerous people know that Ron Paul is correct in his beliefs about the national debt and the Fed printing money willy-nilly, but nobody is going to listen because he just isn’t, say, Russell Crowe or John Wayne…it’s all in the delivery – why do you think The One Was Chosen to be the President? He’s a totally self-absorbed dufus, yet he can deliver the words – so he gets installed.

  • OMG! You have got to read my latest post. I don’t like IL or Blagojevich but he pulled a good one on the Reid/Pelosi cabal. There is absolutely no they can refuse Burris as a replacement for the resident evil select’s vacated seat. Burris will win. The Dems are idiots…SCOTUS will decide the choice…and it will be in favor of Burris. This is biting the Democratic Cabal right in ass. I am laughing so hard. There is legal precedence…40 years ago but it still applies!

  • Diamond Tiger -

    I did read it already – and I just love that karma does come around.

    Personally Navy – I just love “resident evil select’s”…and I’m going to use it as much as I can with credit to you. Right up there with Shtuey’s “Camp Pamp”.

  • Challenge, can anyone prove this wrong?:–

    1. Constitution Article II requires USA President to be “natural born citizen”.

    2. BHO’s website admits his dad was Kenyan/British, not American, citizen when BHO was born.

    3. BHO is therefore not a “natural born citizen” (irrespective of Hawaiian birth or whether he may be a 14th Amendment “citizen” of USA) — as confirmed in the Senate’s own McCain qualification resolution agreed to by BHO.

    4. Supreme Court has already docketed two upcoming conferences, 1/9/09 and 1/16/09 — between dates Congress counts electoral votes (1/8/09) and Presidential inauguration (1/20/09) — to address Berg Case and fashion relief on BHO’s eligibility to be President.

    5. Since no facts are in dispute, Supreme Court rules on Summary Judgment to enjoin BHO’s inauguration as President.

    6. Therefore, BHO is not inaugurated as President.

    7. Vice President Elect Biden is inaugurated Acting President under the 20th Amendment to serve until new President is determined — the procedure for which determination to be set out by Congress and/or the Supreme Court so long as in conformance with the Constitution.

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