Gold and The Collapsing Dollar

I am still hard at work putting the pieces of another puzzle together that may explain why the Dalai Bama was projected into the White House and it all has to do with the declining dollar.

Until I can get the first article posted, I will continue to leave relevant information on what I believe is the next big crisis we are facing; the collapsing dollar and the Depression that will follow.  This information cannot wait while I follow every subsequent connection I run across down yet another rabbit hole.

Here is a very informative video that the MSM will not share with you, and why I have been telling all those that will listen to put your money into gold and silver bullion, and if you have large savings to open a Swiss bank account and convert your money into a stronger currency – the Swiss franc.

Also, please be advised that as these videos are yanked by YouTube, (and that has already started), I will put them back up because I have them downloaded and saved.

Just another reason to love Thomas Jefferson!

By Logistics Monster


  • Years ago (mid-90s) I read a book about the Federal Reserve, “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins. Back then it was hard to find the book, but I see it is now available on Amazon. It’s also available for online reading at It scared the hell out of me then, and even more now. A must-read book in light of what’s happening to our economy.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    SF – thank you so much for leaving that link, and giving me yet another rabbit hole to follow!!!!

  • Diamond,

    You are most certainly equal to your name! Having been involved with the financial world for many years, I have seen this coming with heavy heart, all the while hoping I was wrong. After many of us expended much effort to alert the Public and the Authorities, we realized that no one wanted to know or change the status quo.

    I work closely with precious metals dealers who will all substantiate your thoughts on this. If you’d like me to put you in touch with any of them, let me know. I’m forwarding the link to your site to them.



  • I posted this on the previous subject:

    “Are there other people out there like me, i.e. pretty much consumed by what is happening to the global economy? My family is getting tired of hearing my doom and gloom talk. Are they just not wanting to face the facts because to do so would be denying that they could lose everything? Is it all too much to wrap their brains around? It’s hard for me to not think about this stuff. If I’m going to be prepared for hardship, don’t I have to think about this? How do I have a happy and positive outlook when my country is heading for depression?”

    Feedback is appreciated because I’m worried my family is right, i.e. I am a doom and gloom paranoid person.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Truth – thanks for the kudos – kinda like a pitbull with a bone sometimes, but this is all very important information and though I am not involved directly with the financial markets, I have had my eye on this situation since 1983 when I started reading about the coming Second Depression – it is looking like it is here – there is no way Americans can repay the debt that is being accumulated by our way – they will have to devalue the currency – and then WE ARE ALL SCREWED.

    Ginny – YES, there are others out there – but we all sound like Chicken Little – the best we can do is take care of our families – remember, everybody is exactly where they are supposed to be and learning exactly what they came here to learn. We can give them the information – but not interfere with their decisions….I know – wayyyyy philosophical there, but one of my truths.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Truth – one more thing….I would love to be in touch with your metals contacts – everything I have has been divested out of the dollar – but any information from the dealers would be helpful for my readers.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    ONE MORE THING KIDS!!! I have a close family member who has started putting her savings in to loose gems like diamonds, alexandrite, etc. as a way to get her money out of her bank without raising HUGE RED FLAGS at Homeland Security….y’all do know about that, right?

    Oops – probably going to have to write a post about Americans not having access to their own money.

  • Diamond Tiger:

    Thanks for the response. Regarding not raising huge red flags, yes we had better be careful. I’d like a little more info on the Homeland Security and the banks connection, because I’m not sure if I follow. I know that any flags that would suggest a run on the banks would be very bad for us all, i.e. the Great Depression.

    Also, I too would like more info on precious metals. Finally, regarding putting money in Swiss banks, my real estate agent told me this morning that in order to withdraw from there one would have to go to Europe; does anyone know if this is true?

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Ginny – if you withdraw a large amount of money from your savings without a good reason, Homeland Security tracks you down. I do not know what the amount is, $1000 in a week and they are automatically notified. The Banks and HS are linked now because of that damn Patriot Act.

  • Diamond Tiger:

    I was trying to find information regarding Homeland Security and banks,and I found this: Not sure if it has to do with this matter.

    While not relevant to the above, as I was researching said topic, I accidentally ran across this:, which has to do with the development of software to monitor opinions of the U.S. The potential for this kind of software is frightening.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    So Ginny?…are you understanding why it is taking me so long to find a starting point for this series of articles – scratch the surface and 20 items pop up; all begging to be explored and woven into the story.

    Let’s Be Clear: What We Don’t Know About Our Government Is Staggering – maybe that should be the title…yes?

  • ginny, I found an interesting website called SwissBanking that has interesting info about opening a Swiss bank account:

    There’s another website, Micheloud & Cie, a bank account brokerage service, as it seems a lot of people use this type of service as the intermediary:

    I’d best win the lottery soon so I have enough money to meet the minimum needed to open a Swiss account!

  • Diamond Tiger:

    You’re doing a great job! Honestly, I wonder how you do all that you do. Do you ever get a chance to sleep?

    You’re suggestion for a possible title would be very catchy. I just found out that people are communicating on Craigslist about our corrupt Fed and government. I think the people are being to awaken.

  • SFIndie, thanks for the links! Looks like you don’t need a lot to open one. It just kinda scares me to think of my money being so far away from home. But it’s worth investigating.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    SF – I put the links in the sidebar for everybody to check out – many mahalos!

    Ginny – I do sleep – every single night – like a baby. I just type really fast when I’m awake.

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