I am still hard at work putting the pieces of another puzzle together that may explain why the Dalai Bama was projected into the White House and it all has to do with the declining dollar.

Until I can get the first article posted, I will continue to leave relevant information on what I believe is the next big crisis we are facing; the collapsing dollar and the Depression that will follow.  This information cannot wait while I follow every subsequent connection I run across down yet another rabbit hole.

Here is a very informative video that the MSM will not share with you, and why I have been telling all those that will listen to put your money into gold and silver bullion, and if you have large savings to open a Swiss bank account and convert your money into a stronger currency – the Swiss franc.

Also, please be advised that as these videos are yanked by YouTube, (and that has already started), I will put them back up because I have them downloaded and saved.

Just another reason to love Thomas Jefferson!

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