Obama decides to visit some Marines on Christmas Day and I am thinking that our military ain’t liking the outcome of the election very much; h/t to Gateway Pundit:

Obama Visits Marine Corps Base for Christmas

December 26, 2008 8:34 AM


President-elect Obama stopped by the Marine Corps base in Hawaii Kaneche Bay where servicemen and -women were eating Christmas dinner in Kailua Thursday evening.


As Obama entered the room, it was absent of the regular fanfare of cheering and clapping. The diners were polite, staying seated at their respective tables and waited for the president-elect to come to them to stand up.


The president-elect spent about an hour with the troops. Obama transition aides say that Obama did not eat with the uniformed men and women — he ate at his beach home with his family and friends Christmas night.

These military folks are not required to do anything yet because Bambi ain’t the CIC, but according to the military men in my family – the lack of any kind of respectful response is a big fat F*** You from the military to The One.  Maybe that is why Bambi decided not to break bread with Americans on Christmas Day ………………………………………or not….maybe it has something to do with the Obamas as Christians not celebrating Christmas in their household.  (That is the strangest thing I have ever heard….)

Either way – I agree with the Marines, only I think I may be just a bit more vocal…

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