Since my head is buried in history and videos at the moment, I thought I would drop a tidbit and a link to one of my favorite writers, Sultan Knish and an article about the United Arab Emirates. Here is a taste, and make sure you go read the whole story including Part II.  Follow the money and the coverup and it will always lead you to the crime….

The Rising Threat of the UAE
Until Dubai Ports World, a company owned by UAE ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, attempted to buy six major ports in the United States, few Americans were paying serious attention to the rising threat of the UAE.

Where regimes like Iran or Pakistan offer up more direct threats to the West in the form of nuclear arsenals and terrorism sponsorship, the UAE represents a soft threat that may be ultimately be just as dangerous because it is understated.

While the UAE provided 2 of the 9/11 terrorists, had close ties with the Taliban and served a stop on the smuggling network that moved nuclear technology from North Korea to Iran, the UAE has avoided the bellicose confrontational rhetoric, instead operating under the radar.

Where states like Iran or Saddam’s Iraq routinely blew their oil money on weapons and a military that could never actually pose a threat to the West in anything except non-conventional weapons, the UAE has relied on the United States to provide regional security, while aggressively pursuing a program of economic conquest of the US and Europe.

The UAE may have many of the same ties to terrorists that Saudi Arabia does, but it has done a far better job with its own public image, building business ties with Western companies and slowly taking them over. The DPW takeover may have been a shock to the system, but it is part of a slow creeping pattern of UAE businesses seizing pieces of the Western economy.

Compared to the brutal tyrannies of Iran or Syria, or the ruthless public suppression of protest in Egypt or the armed militias of Lebanon or Gaza, the UAE seems to show a placid and sunny face of benign despotic family rule. The UAE of course is ultimately a tyranny based around the same system of clan and family interests that dominates much of the Middle East’s politics, even when it’s disguised by terms like Federation or Prime Minister. But above and beyond that the UAE is Sparta with a warrior class replaced by a business class.

Make sure to read the rest; fascinating stuff….

P.S. The war on Terror is being fought on the wrong front….

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