I Swear They Are Morons…

Watch this video and then tell me what you think.

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Okay, Biden is just as much of an idiot child as his master.  I guess when the Congress can give themselves a raise when everybody else is feeling blessed to still have a job, then we must have been imagining that possible layoff, our empty refrigerators, empty gas tanks, empty space under the Christmas tree and that the economy is tanking 500,000 jobs a month, and need Biden to inform us now of the fact that it is really, really, bad.  What do you think is going to happen when they print ONE TRILLION DOLLARS with nothing to back it up?  How is the economy and inflation going to fare then?

I swear they are living in an parallel universe that only intersects with the rest of the country every blue moon.

I swear they are morons!

P.S. More on those greedy bastards on The Hill later….

By Logistics Monster


  • Ah, yes. You are so right about the morons. What does that make the people who voted for them?

    That’s too scary to think about!!

    God bless America!

  • Diamond Tiger -

    It makes the people that voted for them the typical American that has been trained to go with the “marketed” product.

    I would like to know the exact percentage of people that would not vote for either of the two candidates or only voted for McCain as a way to block the Dalai Bama. There’s your independent thinkers. A very small percentage unfortunately.

  • “If only more people in this country were more careful choosing sweets there’d be fewer manhours lost to the nation from people sitting in lavatories, and having their stomachs pumped.”

  • They are idiots. No doubt about it. The people that voted for the fraud and his side kick should be kicked to the curb! I am tired of people towing the party line.

    See my post about the HOPE program the program that Barney Frank ramrodded through Congress to help homeowners in foreclosure….it has taken 312 applications and helped exactly ZERO homeowners. It was passed so the Democrats could say they did something. (http://msplaceddemocrat.com)

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