We Don’t Know Because We Have To Wait Until Obama Tells Us…

THIS from Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe on MSNBO?

Are You Freakin’ Kidding ME??????????????????????????

Is the koolaid wearing off Joe?  How is that hangover?  Are you getting pissed off NOW?  Welcome to the club buddy!  Where were you and the rest of the main stream media about, oh say, 8 freakin’ months ago when we were screaming at y’all to DO YOUR *&^%* JOBS?

Joe? Are you trying to separate yourself from the rest of squirming “journalists” who dropped the ball and did not investigate ANYTHING ABOUT OUR NEW PRESIDENT ELECT because your “instincts” said it would all be just okey-dokey?   Oh for crying out loud; you want to take this tack NOW?  Y’all make me more ill than The One and His Wife…

2 thoughts on “We Don’t Know Because We Have To Wait Until Obama Tells Us…”

  1. Joe has been saying the same things for quite a while. He is one of the few that I could stand to watch. Granted, he could have done more, he never went Sean Hannity on us, but he has been fairly skeptical of Obama all along. At least as much as he could, at msnbc. MIke Barnicle on the other hand, what a tool! ;O)

    I love the Globe cover!

  2. Someone mentioned over at NQ in the Comments that Joe and Mika are even stronger in their radio show AFTER their MSNBC show. Now THAT would be something to hear, wouldn’t it? I reckon they can’t say as much as they want at the Barack Obama 24 hr news channel! 🙂

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