Day: December 15, 2008

If You Thought Obama Stopped Campaigning, Think Again!

As many of you may know, the election was "decided" on November 4th, 2008 and the Dalai Bama became the President Elect.  I was one of many that expected the campaign to END!  Nothing is as it seems in Obamaland; Bambi continues to campaign and though he has oodles of cash in his war chest and some $100 Million for his week long Coronation, he is pimping out his staff to pay off Hillary's and the DNC's debts.   WTF?  I am thinking he wants every single American to be COMPLETELY BROKE so that we will be forced to turn to…
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For all those sheeple out there that are just starting to wake up from the Koolaid induced fog and are thinking that the Illinois Attorney General's idea that Rod Blagojevich is "crazy" and therefore you can just drink more koolaid and go back to sleep because there is nothing to see with Obama, WAKE UP!  Bambi has been stuttering through the lies about his involvement and his staff's involvement, and HOPEFULLY the truth will eventually break the surface.
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