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The One Just Blinked.  This is the person we want staring down Russia and Iran?

A person can almost smell the blood in the water as the feeding frenzy of reporters start searching for answers to the questions about the numerous hours of wiretaps to find out EXACTLY how the incoming administration and Dear Leader are associated with the current slimy Governor who will probably be joining his predecessor in prison.

It has been my theory, (and I know quite a few people that agree with me on this), that when The One’s lips are moving, he is LYING, and one can always tell when the Dear Leader is about to start lying because the stammering starts.

From the International Herald Tribune:

Obama said on Tuesday that he never spoke with the governor about the seat, and prosecutors said neither Obama nor his advisers have been implicated. At the same time, Obama’s team has declined for two days to answer questions about what discussions they had about the seat and whether intermediaries had any contacts with Blagojevich’s advisers.

Does not that statement contradict the video of Axelrod saying on November 23rd that The One had spoken with Blagojevich about the senate seat?  Oh, I forgot about that aide to Axelrod saying that he misspoke.  Did anybody get the name of that drive-by statement maker?  Layers and layers of deniability.

Obama stayed out of sight Wednesday, calling for Blagojevich’s resignation through an aide and only after other Democrats had already done so. Aides were told by transition lawyers not to comment. But Obama plans to hold a news conference Thursday on health care during which he presumably will be asked about the investigation.

Here is where everybody knows something is going on and The Borg Collective is trying to get all their ducks in a row and are sweating bullets making it happen.

Emanuel was among the few people in Obama’s circle who occasionally spoke to Blagojevich. He declined to answer questions Wednesday, waving off a reporter who approached him as he walked across Capitol Hill.

So the Chief Of Staff of the The One is waving off reporters on Wednesday and ducking reporters’ questions on Thursday:

Emanuel was uncharacteristically absent from Obama’s news conference this morning. He was spotted two hours later in the lobby of Chicago’s City Hall. He was there to listen to his two children performing in a concert with their school, Anshe Emet.

A Sun-Times reporter pressed him to comment about whether he was the emissary named in the criminal complaint.

“You’re wasting your time,” Emanuel said. “I’m not going to say a word to you. I’m going to do this with my children. Dont do that. I’m a father. I have two kids. I’m not going to do it.”

Blagojevch was caught on tape saying that he wanted the Obama advisor in question to know what Blagojevich wanted in exchange for the Jarrett appointment.

Blagojevich said, “He asks me for the fifth CD thing, I want it to be in his head.” Emanuel represents the 5th Congressional District in Illinois.

I actually found a long video of the press conference.  I know it is unsettling to listen to The One speak, but here it is: (press questions start at 11:38)

The One’s very words:

“I was as appalled and disappointed as anybody by the revelations earlier this week,” he said. “I have never spoken to the governor on this subject. I’m confident that no representatives of mine would have any part of any deals related to this seat. I think the materials released by the U.S. attorney reflect that fact. I’ve asked my team to gather the facts of any contacts with the governor’s office about this vacancy so we can share them with you over the next few days.

Questions that still need to be answered:

The One walks around the question by the reporter about why would the governor think he would be willing to go for a deal.

Why would it take a couple of days to find out who in your campaign/staff had talked to the governor’s office?

And notice that he does not name the transition person’s name who was on the conference call when asked a direct question; which goes to “if he knew something was going on, why didn’t he do something about it?”  Is this the change everybody was expecting?

UPDATE: I just found this video over at RBO – this is why Rahm Emmanuel is ducking and dodging reporters:

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