So What Happens When…..

Iran bombs Israel or the other way around? What happens when Russia goes after Ukraine, or Pakistan and India cannot control themselves? What happens if we are attacked again?  What happens when a scandal that the Dalai Bama and his team are actually implicated in occurs?

Obama’s Chief of Staff Delayed Going to Work Because of Media Stakeout

The president-elect’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, said today he wouldn’t go to the Chicago presidential transition offices in order to avoid reporters trying to ask him whether he had contact with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich about the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama’s election.

A spokesman for Emanuel said he later showed up at the office, apparently able to sneak out of the house without being seen by reporters waiting to ask him questions.

Oh my freakin’ God!   Stop The Presses!  This is the soon to be Chief of Staff of the President and Leader of the Free World and he can’t go to work because he’s afraid of REPORTERS? Whazzup Rahm?  Hall Monitor gonna catch you?  I swear I’m back in high school with this whole group of people that are supposed to take over running our government.

Rahm, you are so screwed now dude.  You either look waaaayyyyy guilty or you look like a complete testicle free coward.  Which one is it….or is it both?

Somebody pass me another margarita – this is going to be a really long 4 years!  What else can I say?

By Logistics Monster


  • AH, the OBAMA CIRCUS begins!!! And we couldn’t have Hillary because of the Clinton circus?????


    Thanks for the link…it’s funny…but not so funny at the same time!!!

  • And today the Chicago Tribune says there are two sources linking Emmanuel to a discussion with Blagojevich or his agents. Obama dissembles while his team scurries for cover. I’ll have Cuervo Gold straight please.


  • Diamond Tiger -

    My goodness, we all knew this was underneath and I have been hoping against hope that the MSM might actually do their job – now it comes down to the a majority of Americans seeing the LIAR for who he really is and doing the right thing!

    Patron straight up, no lime, no salt – for me because I really do believe this bastard is MADE OUT OF teflon.

  • Yeah – the problem here is that no one cares. America could care less. They woke up in time to chant “Hope! Change! Yes, We Can!” then drifted back into their perpetual coma. He could kill babies live on national TV and no one would give a crap.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Grail – I really think that if he decided to kill a baby on live national tv that a secret service guy would probably pop him right there. If not, more than a few veterans would be on planes to D.C.

  • My opinion….we get attacked. FEMA comes in under the guise of ‘helping’ us, and martial law is declared. Uncooperative people are shipped off to the more than 800 empty concentration camps in this country, and then the thousands of empty plastic coffins along Highway 20 in Madison, GA can be utilized for their intended purpose. Sounds radical? Check it out for yourself.

  • Diamond,

    Unfortunately, there are 2 problems with your statement:

    1) The Secret Service is sworn to protect the President, so they couldn’t shoot him.

    2) The SS is a part of the federal government, which is completely under the control of Obama’s handlers (same people as Bush’s puppet masters), so anything he does is ok because the legitimate US government will cease to exist later today once the SCOTUS announces that they, too, are going to invalidate the Constitution (making them the 3rd and final branch of the government to sanction the usurper assuming the presidency).

  • FembotsForObama -

    What is wrong with these Chicago politicians?

    “I’m getting death threats” waaaaaaah

    First it was Obama, now it’s Emanuel. What a bunch of babies! What did they think was gonna happen — everyone would greet them with chocolates and flowers?

    Is this what we have to look forward to for the next 4 years?

    My prediction is that Obama pisses off a Muslim nation despite his efforts not to and gets assassinated for being a Muslim apostate. That Muslim terrorist already called him a “house negro.”

    LM — “You either look waaaayyyyy guilty or you look like a complete testicle free coward. ”


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