I’m late, I’m late…for a very important date!  Somedays I am so far in the weeds.  What follows is the information for a Wake Up America Tele-Event this evening and a very special invitation to all bloggers.  Please take a moment to read thru it and then jump to the next section about Tsunami Media!

Wake Up America Movement



Don’t miss out on this major presentation and discussion of W.A.M. Strategy for the Coming Year!

This announcement includes a revealing forward (below) sent out to Progressives by the Obama campaign. If you thought their campaign was over,
think again – as one of the One’s staffers indicates – they have only “just begun.” What does that mean, you could ask? It means that their effort to incalcate
our country has only taken its first step – right into the White House.

Can we expect more MainStreamMedia spin… more subterfuge of the Constitution behind the scenes overshadowed by attractive”optical politics”
in TV and press to fool and confuse the public?


It’s true that Progressives who have overtaken the Democratic party lack integrity, sincerity or scruples in their non-representation of America’s people.
Unfortunately, it is also true that they are strategic in their planning, organized in their ground activities, well enough funded to pay off most major media –
and well staffed with hi-tech goons to spread their tenacles on line.

What do We the People have? The truth on our side and Wake Up America volunteerism ready to move to a new level in the New Year – with your assistance –
to continue outreaching the public, at large, with education and information to mobilize a genuine “grass roots” movement – unlike theirs which is only a facade
for calculating special interests.

PLEASE DO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENING’S TELE-EVENT to find out what W.A.M. has planned for the coming year – and what you can do to get involved – to help US take back democracy through practical strategic cooperative action.

One individual can feel like no more than a drop of water in the political mainstream. Each of our group’s can – alone – make a splash.
But TOGETHER we can be the Tsunami WAVE that turns the tide on corruption of telecommunications and our Capital!


Don’t miss this Special Event:

Be Part of the first Wave – Introducing TSUNAMI MEDIA

TELE-CONFERENCE for Bloggers: 12/11 – Thursday 8 PM – 9 PM ET

A W.A.M. representative has received a recruitment email from a BHO
campaign staffer (see below) making it clear that their pre-
election assault on our democracy has only “just begun.” We all
know they are unscrupulous – but also very well organized.

Those of us who care enough to continue online efforts to better
inform the public can be a key center of influence to counter their
propaganda – if we organize as well. As a networking partner Wake
Up America movement serves as a bridge between internet information
sources and practical ground level strategies to counter this assault.

We all know most MSM is no longer anymore than a brainwashing spin
zone for BHO’s socialist propaganda – and that this Disinformation
campaign is equally well organized. With W.A.M. networking, the
blog community has an opportunity to brainstorm shared strategies,
information outreach and action calls – that spreads a REFORM
TSUNAMI of TRUTH in MEDIA across the web and beyond.

Knowing the holidays are a busy time, we will keep this First Wave
introduction brief, concise and potent. Please come on the line
tomorrow night to discuss this crucial endeavor. Your inclusion in
this planning stage is invaluable.

W.A.M. support for networking bloggers will continue in January-
but your immediate input will make a real difference.They’re not
waiting until the infamous inauguaration to promote their pseudo
“grass roots movement.” Let’s prepare now – to show them the
real thing! Participation includes optional tags, titles and more –
to bring up your search engine listings, traffic and the impact of
our collective influence.

Thanks for your support and participation.

PLEASE RSVP TO wamlinks@wamtoday.org to receive the phone # and code.


Remember when I wrote about The One having millions of “soldiers” on the ground to continue his agenda and his re-election and how we needed to form a Jeffersonian Coalition to make sure we were not outnumbered in 2010?

Well, here you go!

(From Our Friend David Plouffe)

I just recorded a special video message — from a place you might recognize — about this weekend’s Change is Coming house meetings, and why you should join tens of thousands of your fellow supporters.

Watch the video and find a Change is Coming house meeting near you. Or host one yourself and invite your friends, family, and neighbors.

At the house meetings, you’ll reflect on our campaign, discuss the future of this movement, and identify some ways to get involved in your community.

Meeting hosts will report back, and your feedback will be instrumental in guiding this movement through some important and unprecedented territory.

This grassroots organization has always been about more than an election. It’s about transforming our country — and we’ve only just begun.

With the enormous challenges we’re facing at home and abroad, we have no choice but to continue working together. There’s so much more we can do to help Barack bring change to America.

How we do that is up to you.

Watch the video and sign up to host or attend a house meeting this weekend:

I hope you’ll continue to make history with us.

Thanks and happy holidays,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

I am so ill now….

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