The propaganda machine is rolling!  Get Your Koolaid Here!

I theorize that the MSM believes we will roll over for The One if they keep hammering us with all the propaganda, or another possibility is that they are targeting their own koolaid drinking sycophants who are “losing the faith”.

Whichever one it is, my readers know that I am an independent thinker; not going to happen in this lifetime.

I always believed that for someone to become Person Of The Year, an accomplishment of global magnitude has to occur, like our Founding Fathers starting the United States, or Ghandi, or Mother Theresa. How my world view has to morph to keep up with the current fad given life by the low information voter who spends too much time in front of the TV, and not enough time actually reading BOOKS and doing the research on our corrupt politicians.

Andrew Malcom’s story in the LATimes:

You’ll never guess who Ebony magazine has selected as its first Person of the Year. (Do you think Time may follow suit shortly?)

“He did it!” screams Ebony’s news release about Barack Obama. “He’s rightfully earned the title of President-elect.” (I take issue with “rightfully” emphasis mine)

Now we know why reporters for the N.Y. Post, Washington Times and Dallas Morning News were tossed off Barack Obama’s campaign plane campaign plane shortly before the election to make room for, among others, an Ebony correspondent.

The One is going to be on covers all over America as the Person Of The Year, and what EXACTLY has he achieved?  Oh, the list I could write, but I think I will leave it to my readers to fill in that particular blank.  I will just add that if an award was being given away for the Successful Purchase Of The White House With Questionable Donors, Barack Obama would definitely being getting the award.

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