Leo Donofrio Supreme Court Case Update 12-8-08

You knew this was going to happen folks….Imagine that?….what was I just saying 3 days ago…

The Monster’s Prediction….for today, December 5th, 2008 is that the Supreme Court will continue to break the contract with the American Public by deciding that Leo Donofrio has no standing as an American Citizen to challenge The One’s eligibility to become President. As a united front they will give the American Public no recourse in this matter. The One’s sealed BC, College Transcripts, Selective Service paperwork and all other Documents pertaining to The One’s past will continue to be sealed. Does anybody believe that he IS NOT HIDING something?….


Court: No review of Obama’s eligibility to serve

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court has turned down an emergency appeal from a New Jersey man who says President-elect Barack Obama is ineligible to be president because he was a British subject at birth.

The court did not comment on its order Monday rejecting the call by Leo Donofrio of East Brunswick, N.J., to intervene in the presidential election.

I will post more details IF they become available.

By Logistics Monster


  • virginia (ginny) linn -

    I didn’t expect anything more from those sheep called the Supreme Court. Everyone should be very much afraid of what is happening to America. They don’t even care any more if a person running for president is an actual natural born citizen. I feel the revolution coming.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    I don’t know about the revolution Ginny – I thought it would come sooner than this but everybody just likes to go along to get along. Maybe when gas is $18 a gallon and we can’t feed our children the sheeple will start following true patriots.

  • virginia (ginny) linn -

    There is a revolution in the making. There are so many grassroots organizations springing up, thanks to the internet. But we all need to come together.


  • Diamond Tiger -

    When I heard that this case was being conferenced by all the justices I knew it was going to get shelved with no explanation. “The People” want this Indonesian citizen as their president and we will all have to suffer right along with them – that’s why I will not support this idiotchild and whoever is going to be blackmailing him into doing God-knows-what for the next four years.

  • You guys must be kidding, right? Scotus did what it had to do–it looked at the decision made by the prior court and determined there was no judicial error, so it chose not to accept the case for further review. Scotus does not establish the accuracy of allegations, nor does it verify facts, it looks only at the decision made by the prior court relative to applicable laws. All the “birth” challenges will be dealt with in the same fashion.

  • This non-decision by the Supreme Court is very upsetting. Obama has thumbed his nose at them in the previous Berg v. Obama case by not responding and has gotten by with it!!

    Our employees (the Supreme Court Justices and Obama) are flushing our Constitution(our national treasure) down the toilet. We pay their salaries via taxes and they are treating us as thought we no longer have a voice! They call it lack of standing. We ARE the People, and yes, I can also feel a revolution coming on. These aforementioned people need to be fired if they are not doing the job the American people hired them to do. They are public servants, not the supreme unquestionable authority to which the people have no voice. That is what sets apart from the other countries of the world. Communication among those of us who believe in preserving our freedom and the Constitution is key.

    The press protected Obama throughout the campaign. They would kill any damaging news about him as soon as they could, therefore many people didn’t even know what they were voting for.

    The following sounds radical, but I’m tell you, it is Obama’s goal to incorporate this country into a one world government, a plan that has actually been in the making for many years. He will usher America into this plan and will start by taking all forms of protection away from us, i.e. the Constitution, Bill of Rights, firearms, and he will bring in a socialistic government.

    I urge you to do a search for yourself on google for the following phrases: “obama one world government”, “obama socialist government”, “obama gun control”.

    He won’t salute our American flag, he won’t say the pledge of Allegiance, he wants to totally rewrite or abolish the Constitution. Six months ago I would have never believed something like this would be happening to this country.

    The presidential oath is: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” This is the oath Obama will falsely be stating on January 20th by Obama. It is a disgrace!!!

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Patty – you are preaching to the choir – go to my “Socialism” page at the top of the page. I know what you are saying!!!

  • Diamond Tiger,
    I hadn’t read your “Socialism” page before. Thanks so much for all the research and hard work you put into it. I learned a lot.

    I’ve done a lot of research, too, since this is such a serious issue for all of us. A few months ago when Obama was gaining so much ground in the campaign and I was hearing murmurings of his socialist agenda, a book I read back in the 80’s came to mind. An attorney by the name of Constance Cumbey wrote “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow” in 1980. She could see all this coming, but it was supposed to happen much sooner. I recently re-acquired this book and her words are so true. She, too, did a lot of research because of things she started noticing.

    I have also been on a mission for several weeks now talking to people and posting information on the internet trying to help people understand what’s really happening.

    Firstly, please understand that I welcome having a black President. I think the diversification is healthy for this country. I would also like to see in the presidency a woman, or someone of hispanic, asian or almost any other descent IF they qualify for the office and have a history worthy of the position.

    We will be entrusting our most guarded miltary secrets to him because he will not only be President of the United States, but also Commander-in-Chief.

    If we let him carry out his plans, life as we know it in America, with the freedom that we now enjoy, will be a thing of the past very soon. Many people have absolutely no concept of how drastically things can change without that freedom.

    He wants to ‘redistribute the wealth’ not only to America, but to the world. He wants to impose global taxation on all Americans.

    He has a cousin in Africa, whom Obama is very close to, who is responsible for the massacre of many, many people.

    Obama is 50% white, 44% Arab, and only 6% black. So why is he being called our first black President? His motives were very transparent. He claimed he was black to appeal to the black population of this country in order to gain their vote.

    He will make it mandatory for all women to register for military service.

    He views a baby as a curse and condones partial birth abortion and even abortion in the 9th month.

    Obama practiced Islam until his wife convinced him to become a ‘Christian’ if he planned to run for President of the United States some day. That he would get more votes.

    For the past 20 years he has attended an anti-American, anti-white church.

    It is reported that he had an affair with the openly gay choir director, Donald Young, of his church. Mr. Young was later found murdered.

    He has admitted to smoking marijuana and crack cocaine. It is reported that this was up until 1999 and some speculate he could still be using illegal drugs.

    It is believed by some that Frank Marshall Davis, marxist and socialist, was Obama’s father. He was certainly a mentor to Obama from the age of 10 to about age 16. This man was also anti-white, a pedophile, writer of pornographic books (under another name), and drug dealer.

    Of course, we all know about the birth certificate issue. Members of his family had even told the press that he was born in Kenya. He attempted to falsify a birth certificate saying he was born in Hawaii. It was rejected because it was fraudulent. This was his step-sister’s certificate of live birth which was altered. He even had the audacity to put it on his website as a valid document. He believes we are all stupid.

    During the campaign many websites bearing information which could caused damage to Obama’s image mysteriously disappeared. Our freedom of speech was already being imposed upon.

    He plans to appoint all liberal judges and get rid of all conservative judges. Although we now know the Supreme Court justices are not going to help the many, many Americans who have appealed to their court, seven of them are conservative, and only two are liberal. They up for reappointment very soon, so I don’t understand why Clarence Thomas, a conservative Supreme Court Justice, and the other conservative justices, who will be on their way out, didn’t help support Donofrio’s case.

    HOW did someone like Obama become President?!!

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