Day: December 8, 2008

The Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth Gets Louder….

So The One ain't dancing with the ones that brought him...and they are starting to realize that The One is a Liar and they have been betrayed.....guess they were not paying attention earlier... So now we not only get to be put through the economic gauntlet caused by a group of leaders who have NO CLUE how to fix the problem THEY caused, we get to listen to the Lefties bitch about being thrown under the bus?  Time to invest in earplugs; I suggest the ones that you can pick up while you are purchasing your new handgun or rifle…
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Leo Donofrio Supreme Court Case Update 12-8-08

You knew this was going to happen folks....Imagine that?....what was I just saying 3 days ago... The Monster's Prediction....for today, December 5th, 2008 is that the Supreme Court will continue to break the contract with the American Public by deciding that Leo Donofrio has no standing as an American Citizen to challenge The One's eligibility to become President. As a united front they will give the American Public no recourse in this matter. The One's sealed BC, College Transcripts, Selective Service paperwork and all other Documents pertaining to The One's past will continue to be sealed. Does anybody believe that…
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