Day: December 7, 2008

Steve, Everybody Will Get Right On That….

Steve Hildebrand of The Huffington Post telling Progressives to STFU! A Message to Obama's Progressive Critics: I could go on and on. The point I'm making here is that our new president, the Congress and all Americans must come together to solve these problems. This is not a time for the left wing of our Party to draw conclusions about the Cabinet and White House appointments that President-Elect Obama is making. Some believe the appointments generally aren't progressive enough. Having worked with former Senator Obama for the last two years, I can tell you, that isn't the way he thinks…
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Are You Paying Attention To Congress and The Big 3 Auto Bailout?

At least the Big 3 Executives have gone from flying private jets to driving hybrids to Washington.  That is not enough reason to "gift" billions of dollars to the Big 3 Executives who through mismanagement and poor vision have destroyed their companies and made the major players in the American automotive industry colossal dinosaurs compared to the technologies coming out of Asia and Europe.  Is this our fault? Should we be paying for it?  Why has Detroit been peddling luxury and "status" cars for the 10% of the population that can afford them instead of gearing their designs, plants and…
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Tom Brokaw Continuing the MSM Bias and Protection Of The One

I just knew that we were never going to wake up from the imposed nightmare of our very own Pravda MSM. H/T to Newsbusters for this tidbit: Obamanomics: 'What's In It For Me' Thinking 'Not Good For Anybody' The failure of American media to properly vet the political beliefs of Barack Obama during the just concluded presidential campaign was on full display Sunday when the president-elect made clear just how much of a socialist he really is, and did so with nary a challenge from "Meet the Press" moderator Tom Brokaw. Makes you wonder what the results might have been…
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The Whining Ratchets Up A Notch

There is a reason the graphic to the left exists.  It was created during the campaign because some Americans were actually paying attention to words and deeds and not just closing their eyes, putting their hands in the air and "believing". The Progressive Liberal Democrats are now getting their panties in a bunch.  We warned them and they called us racists. We told them that a completely unqualified and inexperienced senator with 143 days in the Senate before he started running for the Presidency, who also voted more than 100 times "present" and who would not reveal any important documents…
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