Day: December 6, 2008


Pay Attention To This Video And This Congressman - then read the rest! How about this for a XMAS present?  Ya'all might want to check this out and get with the Congressman.  This is definitely a scaled down version of my idea of giving every American $250,000 as economic stimulus, but it works for me. U.S. Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) came out with a press release back on November 28th titled: (my emphasis added) Convert Paulson's Last $350B into Tax Holiday, says U.S. Congressman "Billions of Dollars for Taxpayers, but Not One More Penny for Executive Bailouts" WASHINGTON, D.C. -…
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Leo Donofrio Supreme Court Update, 12-6-08

As has been reported by Leo Donofrio's own site, Natural Born Citizen, his suit against Barack Obama, John McCain and  Roger Calero was to be heard in conference before all nine justices yesterday, December 5th, 2008. Here is what is being reported in the Washington Times today: The Supreme Court held off Friday on deciding whether to grant a hearing in a long-shot lawsuit that would decide whether Barack Obama can constitutionally become president as a "natural born" U.S. citizen. The Friday list of court orders that denies or grants hearings did not mention the lawsuit, which says Mr. Obama…
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