If Anybody Brought You Obama, This Guy Did….

A picture is worth 1000 words….and what does this say about the 27 year old speechwriter who got the masses to drink the koolaid with his eloquent prose?  Now who is the retard?  Oh, and how is that “not withdrawing troops from Iraq” thang going for ya’all? (….bunch of dumba**es)

Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau
Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau

5 thoughts on “If Anybody Brought You Obama, This Guy Did….”

  1. America is crammed full of stupid fucks. Congratulations to the 67 million douchebags who voted for the drunk misogynist idiot behind the curtain. High five assholes!

  2. Well, enjoy the new Administration! What low-class creeps and totally reflective of their “leader”…

    I hear the D.C. police chief is having fits because the inauguration party folks want to lift the restrictions on the hours of operationn for bars…

    You know, if there’s a huge riot and we see ugly stuff like we did Election night in Philly, it’s going to really piss off a lot a of people even more…

    And here’s Saturday AM reality check for you…

    Will Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State Be Undermined by the Appointment of a Middle East Envoy? See What MESH Thinks…


    With a H/T to Rev. Amy, I delve further into what the possible scenarios could be about the possible appointment of a special envoy by visiting MESH and seeing some key observations from the experts….

  3. What we have folks is a bunch of immature frat boys about to start running this country – or at least that mentality – WE ARE SO SCREWED!

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