MEDIA Blackout On Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility Problem…

But the MSM is following this:

What’s a little matter like the Constitution among friends? That’s a question a few legal eagles are asking as they note that Hillary Clinton can’t become Secretary of State thanks to something called the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Under that clause of Article I, a Member of Congress who has been in office while a pay raise was passed for a federal job may not then be appointed to the job at the higher salary. Mrs. Clinton was a Senator this January when President Bush passed an executive order increasing the Secretary of State’s pay to $191,300 from $186,600.

So I guess it is okay for The One to be born a British subject, then become an Indonesian citizen and then take a shot at becoming the President of the United States without these “legal eagles” so much as looking sideways at the Constitution, but HRC gets scrutinzed?  Who is paying the media to hate on Hillary?….because we know who is paying the Media to protect The One….


By Logistics Monster


  • So would the way around this be that she take the job at the lower salary? What’s five grand between friends?

  • This question of Obama’s constitutional eligibility is one of great and far-reaching implications and consequences. It has little to do with Obama himself and is primarily an action that supports the US Constitution. This document is the “Rule of Law,” that everyone refers to in their rhetoric, including Obama. It is the protection our forefathers left behind to protect us from tyranny. It CANNOT be ignored on behalf of political agendas. The wisdom of the Constitution is timeless and that’s what makes it a living document. We must all remember, however, the Constitution cannot protect itself. WE MUST PROTECT IT!

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