If you thought you were alone when you realized that the government spending our children’s and grandchildren’s tax liability right now was moronic, think again.  You and millions of other Americans know how stupid the entire Bailout Crusade is, and many of you may know that the very same people that brought this travesty to our economy and markets are now the idiot children presiding over “The Fix”.  Isn’t that reassuring? Just knowing that most of the people that created this mess over at Fannie, Freddie and Wall Street are now in The One’s Cabinet makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.   Has everybody become desensitized to the fact that the people in the Cabinet that are about to take over our government are all back-stabbing, cheating LIARS?   For Pete’s sake, The One was born a British Citizen and I just know the Supreme Court is trying to figure out a way to let this election stand, even though The One has had numerous citizenships, but is not a natural born citizen.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are screaming at us folks!

Thankfully, we have someone telling our story, since Harry, Nancy, Chris, and Barney are not listening, Bernanke, Paulson and the former Clinton Administration created it, and The One thinks we can just spend our way to prosperity.

H/T to The Patriot Room for the video, and a very special thanks to Fred Thompson for stating out loud what quite a few Americans have been shouting at their televisions for months.  People; they are not listening to us; when does the 10 Million Americans March on D.C. start to end this government lunacy of bailing out failures?

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