Day: December 3, 2008

Just The Facts Ma’am, Just The Facts…Barack Obama Was A British Citizen At Birth

I must admit that I have gotten caught up in the "Birth Certificate" issue since The One produced a doctored Certificate of Live Birth, (yet no real vaulted BC), and then sent his army of lawyers to stop all court cases dead in their tracks.  It seemed like the issue of validity, and I know quite a few people focused on it, yet it is probably the very diversion The One is seeking to throw everybody else off the track of the real issue; The One's British Citizenship at birth. I must admit that I was wrong about chasing The…
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Spending Your Way To Prosperity: Government Lunacy 101

If you thought you were alone when you realized that the government spending our children's and grandchildren's tax liability right now was moronic, think again.  You and millions of other Americans know how stupid the entire Bailout Crusade is, and many of you may know that the very same people that brought this travesty to our economy and markets are now the idiot children presiding over "The Fix".  Isn't that reassuring? Just knowing that most of the people that created this mess over at Fannie, Freddie and Wall Street are now in The One's Cabinet makes me feel all warm…
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