Month: November 2008

Any Doubt Hillary Was Flipped Off?….Obama Flips Off McCain

PUMAs and many, many Americans remember this: Only a few MSM outlets reported this rudeness to Hillary Clinton and her supporters or the response of The Borg Collective to this incredibly immature maneuver made by a possible presidential candidate. The Borg Collective kept telling everybody that we were imagining things. I never had any doubt about this gesture and now, nobody should have any doubt about it.  Wow.  Shocking!  Obama got away with it the first time, why not do it again? This arrogant, corporate-driven, marketed candidate wants everyone to know how special he is; and people wonder why PUMAs…
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Latest Fox Battleground Polls And The Puma Effect

Fox News has just released it's latest Fox/Rasmussen Polls for the battleground states, and wouldn't cha know, McCain is closing the gap.  It is my understanding that the Bradley Effect has been considered in these numbers, but what has not been factored in is the PUMA Effect.  Those 4-6 Million (conservative) voters who WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA, and even more devastating to the Obama camp, will vote for John McCain after telling pollsters for months that they are voting for Obama. Quite a few are disenfranchised democrats, but an unknown number are indies that are really upset with the…
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A PUMAs Message For Undecided Voters

I have read that "undecided voters" are some kind of zombie that have not been paying attention to what is going on in this election.  I personally do not agree with this point of view.  I think undecideds fall into two categories; people that do not want to say who they are voting for, and people who "think" they should vote for Obama because the MSM is telling them to because "he is so far ahead, it's over", but they just have this incredibly uneasy feeling about Barack and Michelle.  I personally believe that most undecideds fall into the latter…
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PUMAs 4 McCain/Palin: Experience Matters

There is now one more day until November 4th rolls around and we still have sooooooooo many undecided voters, (or at least they say they are undecided), many of which are hitting my old site and a post that talks about Sarah Palin's experience.  Given that traffic, I thought it would be an excellent idea to repost an item from August 30th after John McCain made the excellent decision to nominate Sarah Palin as his Vice President.  John McCain has done something the supposed "women-friendly" Democratic Party would not do - put a incredibly qualifed, energy expert on his ticket. …
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