The One’s Wife’s W.O.R.M.

I am shamelessly stealing this from ChristmasGhost and DANEgerous.  I cannot add anything to this other than to say that The One’s Wife scares me more than anything else that has happened in the last 2 years, and I know numerous people agree with that statement.

The Picture That Says It All

I sure wish I had thought of this comparison….but leave it to DANEgerus to come up with it!
I remember thinking that any woman that would be caught dead in that “dress’ was a fool…or worse. Tacky doesn’t even begin to cover it…but it seems Michelle is just into not-so-subtly giving us the real image of who she is.


My husband just can’t stop laughing……………or as he so aptly put it “Here’s to swimmin’ with bow legged women….”
Yeah…he’s a real card….

Thanks Ghost – this and Alan Colmes being DONE have really made my day!!!!

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  1. i tell ya…the alan colmes thing really made my day too, until my husband, doc, made the comment that he was most likely leaving so he could become the white house spokesman for el dou che’……

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