Yesterday I wrote a post about World Net Daily’s piece about the Leo Donofrio case being “conferenced” by the Supreme Court asserting that numerous presidential candidates were not natural born citizens.  I would like to take a moment to clear up some of the confusion around that post.  This is the case that is being conferenced by the Supreme Court; and the website for said case, Natural Born Citizen.

The United States Supreme Court Has Scheduled – For Full Conference – Leo Donofrio’s NJ Citizen Suit Challenging The Eligibility Of Multiple 2008 Presidential Election Candidates, Including Barack Obama.

People’ and are two grassroots sites that are writing and petitioning the Supreme Court and the Electors to demand The One’s Birth Certificate be made public.

Now World Net Daily has committed even more to the fight, and as I wrote yesterday, the smoldering fire is at flashpoint.  NOW is the time for Americans to step up and NOT LET GO OF THIS ISSUE!   I have two reasons for believing that: 1.) Numerous court cases filed in numerous states, and 2.) the heavy hitters that have been on my site today for lengthy amounts of time reviewing these posts have convinced me that there is more to this issue than tinfoil hat silliness.  I will be following this issue much closer now, as The One is continuing to create “news items” to distract everyone.

From World Net Daily:

Obama’s state secret: His birth certificate!

So much for those pledges of “open government.”

So much for those promises of “change.”

So much for his upcoming oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

Barack Hussein Obama is still refusing to disclose to the American public something as innocent and as basic as his full, undoctored birth certificate to establish beyond any shadow of a doubt – and that doubt is growing daily – that he is a natural-born American citizen.

Ironically, now that the election is over, the pressure is building. A few bold members of Congress are getting interested in demanding hearings on the issue. The lawsuits are increasing. More pundits and activists are beginning to mobilize.

I, too, am raising the stakes.

Beginning today, I am personally sponsoring a petition campaign right here at this Internet news source, to all controlling legal authorities to determine Barack Obama‘s eligibility for the presidency under Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution and to use all of their persuasive powers to make this information freely available to the rulers of this country – we the people.


I hope you will now join me in this fight for truth, justice and the American way by signing the petition. Help me spread the word. Let’s turn up the heat. Send this column and the petition far and wide. Share it with your neighbors. Honor the Constitution. Save this country’s most vital institutions and its honor. Seek the truth. Demand accountability.

Time is running out.

The Electoral College is due to convene Dec. 15 – less than a month.

Barack Obama is to be sworn in as the next president Jan. 20 – less than two months from now.

Do you believe the American people have a right to know for certain their next president is constitutionally eligible for the job?

Without a chance to inspect that birth certificate for themselves, do you think we can ever be certain?

If the Constitution is not taken seriously as concerns the eligibility of the president, is it likely to be taken seriously in other matters?

If you don’t take responsibility and initiative on this issue, I am convinced no one else will.

Take your stand for accountability, truth, the rule of law and the Constitution.

Sign the petition now.

E-mail it to all your friends.

This petition was started today and has already received over 25,000 signatures.  If you really think it is important to see the BC’s of our candidates, go there NOW!  Make the Flashpoint Happen!

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