Radio Host Calls The Kenyan Ambassador About The One….

Mike In The Morning (WRIF Detroit) has called the Kenyan ambassador and has an audio mp3 file of the conversation.  I have no idea if this is satire or real, but it is very interesting.  It seems the Kenyan ambassador is very excited about The One’s election, speaks enthusiastically about all of Kenya’s tourist attractions, and about how well known Obama’s birth place in Kenya is – listen at 12:35.

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By Logistics Monster


  • You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis:

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Deadenders – considering who has been on my site for long periods of time – I would have to say that the powers that be believe it and are concerned.

    I hope that makes you feel better!

  • Hey you’ve done it again- another site makeover!

    Always cool and generally the most informative . . .
    thanks for your work for preserving our democracy.

    do hope that the Federal Reserve Board and Pentagon
    readers have left some interesting comments. LOL

  • Of course it is true that Barack Obama WAS born in Kenya. Madelyn Dunham filed for and illegally signed for Barry Soetoro’s (aka Barack Obama’s) Hawaii birth certificate in Hawaii!

    So Barack Obama DOES have a birth certificate signed with the signature of his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, illegally signed by his grandmother. Barack Obama has a lot to hide!

    You can not be in two places at once! Stanley Ann Dunham was NOT married to Barack Obama Senior and she was in Kenya at that time trying to get Barack Obama Senior to support her child. She was pregnant at the time with little Barack Obama Junior in Kenya!

  • I suspect that most people in the US and in the entire world, based on what the Obama people are saying, want Barack Obama to be the 44th President of the United States of America and do not care about Barack Obama’s violation of the US Constitution!

    Many people tend to be saying that he, Barack, will be a good President! Honest, upright, a wise man and leader doing good things for our nation. Barack is often compared to JFK and Jesus the Christ! How can such a man be evil?

    Do written laws matter any way? I tend to think so, but the majority who elected Barack Obama are looking the other way!

    His legal name is Barry Soetoro.

    His name on his fraudulent Certificate of Birth that Madelyn filed for under her daughter’s name is Barack Hussein Obama II, which he, Barry Soetoro, does not use!

    You do not see his college transcripts or any other documents that made reference to these things!

    Obama 2009!

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