Day: November 21, 2008

Sign The Petition For Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

Yesterday I wrote a post about World Net Daily's piece about the Leo Donofrio case being "conferenced" by the Supreme Court asserting that numerous presidential candidates were not natural born citizens.  I would like to take a moment to clear up some of the confusion around that post.  This is the case that is being conferenced by the Supreme Court; and the website for said case, Natural Born Citizen. The United States Supreme Court Has Scheduled - For Full Conference - Leo Donofrio's NJ Citizen Suit Challenging The Eligibility Of Multiple 2008 Presidential Election Candidates, Including Barack Obama. People' and…
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Radio Host Calls The Kenyan Ambassador About The One….

Mike In The Morning (WRIF Detroit) has called the Kenyan ambassador and has an audio mp3 file of the conversation.  I have no idea if this is satire or real, but it is very interesting.  It seems the Kenyan ambassador is very excited about The One's election, speaks enthusiastically about all of Kenya's tourist attractions, and about how well known Obama's birth place in Kenya is - listen at 12:35. Follow the link!
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