I know quite a few people have read this quote from Thomas Jefferson in the past few days:

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

I have seen the fear and heard the stories of people suffering shell shock from the outcome of our presidential election.  I myself was physically ill for days with the complete and total “wrongness” of this outcome.  It is time to shake it off, suck it up and do what Americans do in the face of great adversity; come together as one.

As you can see, my site is undergoing massive changes in keeping with what others may consider to be an impossible mission that I have set for myself.  My PUMAs have gone back off to their lair and the Monster has a new face as I no longer consider myself a PUMA, rather an American first with no party affiliation, and no party agenda to follow or protect.

You will also notice that my blogroll is a compilation of PUMA, Moderate, and Conservative sites.  This blogroll will continue to grow as I reach out to all true patriotic Americans that want to continue to watch, report and impede the socialist agenda of the President Elect, Nancy, Chris, Barney, Harry and the rest of the “Progressive Socialist Party”.   We will need EVERYONE together to push back the far left liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

I am sure there will be quite a few people that want to ask me “who do you think you are?” after they read what comes next, but I felt that it needed to be said out loud and there is no better time than the present.

This message is for all the people that voted for McCain, and those voters that stayed home and did not get out to the polls for the McCain/Palin ticket, and are now completely aghast, or coming to the realization, that our country is going to be pulled down to the level of a member of the EU, and a socialist state.

I am urging all that read these words to put away partisanship and issue driven argumentsWe no longer have the luxury of labeling ourselves with a party affiliation.  I know that every group will have their own agendas from caucus/primary reform to women’s issues to getting back to basics concerning the conservative republicans, but if all of these people and groups do not come together to defeat The One and Nancy Pelosi and her Gang, it will not matter what your agendas are because our country and Constitution will have been fundamentally changed by the politicians that now hold power.  Your agendas will not matter…

I am asking all that really believe this Presidency was just another instance of purchasing the White House to stand up as Americans and reach out to every other person who wants to make sure that OUR White House will no longer be for sale.  It has been 7 days since the Obamanation bought the White House with suspect money, and there are millions of people and probably hundreds of thousands of groups that NEED to join together to take OUR COUNTRY BACK from the corrupt politicians that have been, and will continue to be, in charge of our government.  Now is the time for Democrats, Republicans and Independents to drop their party affiliations, their issue driven differences, and form ONE coalition to bring true reform to both parties, and bring balance back to our government.  We are America….not the people that we elected who continue to ignore us.

For those PUMAs out in the sphere, it is now time to stop excluding each other, the moderates, and dare I say, the conservatives.  I know that everyone that was supporting Hillary, and then working to stop The One’s election have gotten very badly beaten up emotionally and have tended to band together in little groups.  It is now time for that cocooning to stop, and PUMAs to continue their march toward fair and free elections as a united front with Moderates and Conservatives.  PUMAs, you have been forged in the fires of hell and are tempered steel now.  PUMAs must form alliances with any group that has government reform as their agenda.  For those Moderates and Conservatives out there, I greatly appreciate the comments I have seen here and on other sites thanking the PUMAs for their relentless pursuit of a true democracy without voter fraud and MSM bias.  We have noticed.

Moderates and Conservatives, the message is the same for you.  Everyone has their own agendas, but now OUR country is in serious danger of becoming even less than what she was with The One’s socialist associates and agenda in the White House.  Getting back to the basics and rebuilding the Republican Party is not going to matter if The One wins re-election and the “Progressive Socialist Party” passes more laws that move this country toward European Socialist status.  We have less than 18 months to get our grassroots army together to fight The One’s re-election.

Is everyone feeling me yet?  It is time to look at the bigger picture of what is happening in our country with these Saul Alinsky trained socialists. I have not yet seen anyone step up and start an inclusive list of all groups that want government reform.  If we all stay in our own little part of the world, preaching to our own choirs, the massive reform we need will never happen.  The conversation needs to go across party lines and affiliations.  Knowledge is power.  The links in this chain must be forged and quickly.  Conservatives must join PUMA groups and PUMAs must embrace Conservatives and Moderates.

I currently stand 100% behind Wake Up America; a grassroots organization that understands political election dynamics, but I will be reaching out to all groups and trying to bring them together in one coalition.  The President Elect won this election on the basis of two major factors.

  1. He understood that Americans are a truly HOPEFILLED people.  We would not have been able to accomplish the major events in our history without being people of stature to begin with.  We all believe that situations can be made better.  The President Elect played on this major strength by calling for Hope and Change.
  2. The President Elect has a legion of millions of people on the ground doing the work at the grassroots level.  What usually happens to an outnumbered army?

I am currently compiling a list of groups.  If this goal is achieved, I will start another website for that purpose only.

Please leave links to groups you have found that should be included.  I can be contacted at my email address: DiamondTiger12 at gmail doc com.

(Author’s Note:  I am going to leave this on the front page for a few days because I believe more people need to see it and start looking at the positive.  I refuse to be sucked into the black hole of chaos currently occupying the space taken up by the President Elect and His Wife.)

(Update: 11/15/08: The backlash begins with the Monster being taken off PUMA blogrolls…I will write a post on that soon.)

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