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By Logistics Monster


  • To Keep Our Country Free! -

    Thought you might like to know and spread the word that members of the electoral college are filing lawsuits to get BO’s BC and other important documents. Americans are banding together in a grassroots effort to inform their delegates. Check it out:

  • addamstaft -

    Your series on Obama’s American Socialism is priceless. How much money and influence did the Muslims have in the election? Have you read fjordman’s posts? Do you have any contact with born-again Christians who are politically active?

    Phil Berg may become one of the greatest American heroes! The Supreme Court seems serious about actually determining whether Obama is natural born (it’s quite logical from his own actions to conclude he isn’t).
    The one (and only) thing the Federal Election Commission takes responsibility for is money. What are they doing about the RNC’s complaint regarding Obama’s contributions?
    Has anybody made a list of Obama’s possible crimes? Treason, felonies, murder, taking bribes, intimidation… un-American activities?

  • No problems navigating this site but the type in the comments is way too small.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    I am still adjusting this page….I don’t like the size of that type either….

    Thanks Ron!!

  • addamstaft -

    As you can tell from Obama leaking his private conversation with President Bush, Obama and the other Saul Alinsky disciples believe in
    endless war. They are in a war against capitalists and, really, EVERYBODY, where there is no definition of what would end it. Any sign of weakness, such as interest in reconciliation or compromise is considered a weakness to exploit.

    Like the terrorists of the world, the only effective strategy is to continually FIGHT them in every area. We might as well get use to it! It will never end, and we were cheated out of a lot of ground by this last election. The fact that Hilliary did not crush Obama showed why she was crushed. The fact that McCain did not crush Obama shows why he

  • Comment type size is better but I have trouble with anything less than 12 points. 🙂

  • addamstaft -

    keep working on your update. I had difficulty reading your series on Obama’s Socialism — black lettering on an almost black background and very slow scrolling.

  • Is that a portrait of “president” Rorschach test at the top of the page?
    I don’t know if you have read Sultan Knishs’s blog yet…but you should. everyone should.there’s a link at my site.
    we all need to stick together and keep our chins up….what is coming next is predictable but still tiresome and horrifying. expect the attack of the mega bloggers from the right to do all BHO’s heavy lifting for him as they suck up. i have already read posts that refer to anyone challenging BHO as having ODS….
    yes, the idiots that tore mccain apart are still working for the wrong side. what a surprise.
    there is only one side here….that of the true American people.
    something wicked this way comes…indeed!
    p.s. i know i still haven’t emailed….i have been swamped here….so soon, i swear or you may have my firstborn. he married an obama supporter so what can i say?
    i keed, i keed…..kinda….

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