Ready To “Rule”

“is ready to take power and be ready to rule day one”

This is Valerie Jarret; The co-chair of The One’s Transition Team.  Pay attention to this woman behind the scenes. As far as I have been able to keep track, this is the only woman that the President Elect’s Wife trusts around the President Elect.  I will posting more about Jarret in the future; suffice it to say, she is from Chicago….

Update: A interesting article from Vogue about Valerie Jarret.

Valerie Jarret
Valerie Jarret

Senator Obama has one secret weapon in his wife, Michelle. The other is his chief confidante and valued adviser, Chicago businesswoman Valerie Jarrett. Just who is this hidden tower of strength? asks Jonathan Van Meter.

Photographed by Jonathan Becker.

One day in the summer of 1991, when Valerie Jarrett was Chicago mayor Richard Daley’s deputy chief of staff, the woman who worked in the office next door to Jarrett handed her the résumé of one Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. Robinson was a young lawyer at Sidley Austin, the fifth-largest law firm in the world, doing marketing and intellectual-property work in their headquarters nearby. The résumé highlighted the fact that the 27-year-old had grown up on the South Side of Chicago, had gone to Princeton and then to Harvard Law; what it did not point out was that her father, a city water-pump operator and Democratic precinct captain, had died of multiple sclerosis the year before, a shocking blow that led to a change of heart in the young lawyer about her choices in life. On the cover letter, someone at City Hall had written something like THIS WOMAN IS NO LONGER INTERESTED IN BEING AT HER LAW FIRM. SHE WANTS TO BE IN GOVERNMENT AND GIVE BACK. Susan Sher, the woman who worked in the office next to Jarrett, said, “She is made for you. This is exactly what you did.” Jarrett immediately picked up the phone and called the young lawyer in for an interview.

Go to the Vogue link above to read the rest.

By Logistics Monster


  • I don’t trust anyone who is from Chicago. That includes The One and his Omerosa. I do worry about those children. The One and that thing he is married to are raising another generation of kids who will think they deserve it all. Because the its are going to make sure Affirmative Action stays in place. The law to outlaw it was defeated in Colorado. Yucky!

  • A 1994 law removed the lifetime Secret Service for ex-presidents. Clinton is grandfathered in – he gets it for the rest of his life. W will get just ten years. I am curious to see Congress passes a change to protect The Dalibama for his life … and whether they hang W out to dry in the process.

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