PUMAs Saw This Coming…Moderate Republicans…Not So Much

Post Election Evening in Phillie as videotaped by a resident of that once great city.  PUMAs, this video will probably make you throw up, (as I just did)…so brace yourselves.  Moderate Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for not going to the polls and voting to protect our Constitution.

A McCain/Palin supporter was foolish enough to walk into what looks to be a “recreation of Kenya” wearing a McCain/Palin shirt.  The police arrested this man for wearing said shirt, (even though they probably saved his life), his right to the First Amendment was violated and with his diminishment, we have all been diminished.

h/t to MsPlacedDemocrat for the video.

(Author’s Note: Since it is post election the Obamanation is allowed to post comments as long as they are not totally vile – so have at it Obots – start with the racial and gender slurs….I’m ready)(One More Thing…The only enjoyment I am going to get over the course of the next 1,534 days until Obama’s Regime is tossed out is this:  We Told You So!)

By Logistics Monster


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  • Good post, but I have to take issue with the premise that it was the moderates who didn’t show. Voter turnout records indicate that it was the far right in the party who were unwilling to accept McCain (for campaign finance reform, immigration reform, environmental legislation, etc.) who didn’t show.

  • Citizen of the Republic of Alaska -

    I’m a right-leaning moderate; I was there!!!
    The way they were celebrating, one would think that a war had just been won. Where’s the ticker tape parade?
    As far as McCain-Palin supporter, I think that the toy sword was a little much maybe, but they had no right to arrest him. What made me really livid was that crowd cheering as he was arrested! Why was he even arrested? Where’s the ACLU? Celebrating, I bet. I’m suprised that the policemen weren’t cheering. At lest they saved his life.

  • To those of my friends who thought I was a crazy conspiracy theorist for going JSND, I close my emails with “I promise to say I Told You So.”

  • Nothing wrong with the celebrations.

    However, one would hope that the officers involved have faced severe reprimands. Has this video been sent to the PA District Attorney’s office for prosecution of the Philly PD officers involved?

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