Our Nemesis to free enterprise and the American way, Madame Speaker and executive member of the Progressive Caucus, is about to meet the top executives of 3 major car manufacturers, (GM, Ford, Chrysler) to talk about bailing out the car companies with 25 Billion after giving them 25 Billion already.  I will keep you posted as to what our new federal government is going to be telling free enterprise companies about how to run their businesses if they want more moolah from the American People.  Meanwhile, back at the DOW – we are down another -500 points.  Thanks to the 63 million people that thought putting a 143 day senator with no experience in the White House was a good idea.

Author’s note:  The Monster will be making quite a few changes in the next few days and doing major housecleaning that has been on hold for weeks, but I will continue to post about the fiends that I am tracking; Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank….etc.

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