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UPDATE: 11/13/08:  The voting for the 2008 Weblog Awards has opened!  I would like to thank my readers for nominating The Monster in five categories: Best Blog, Best New Blog, Best Individual Blogger, Best Political Blog, and Best Hidden Gem.

Now is the time to follow the link to each category, find the nomination in the comment list and vote by clicking on the little green button bottom right hand side.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to vote for The Monster!!!

To my loyal readership: The Monster is humbly asking for your nomination for the 2008 Blog Awards:

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Please leave a comment under whichever category fits the Monster best.  I personally am looking at Best Individual Blogger, Best Blog, Best New Blog, Best Political Coverage or Best Hidden Gem.

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Logistics Monster

I would like to thank all ahead of time for taking the time to help the Monster grow!

By Logistics Monster


  • Just voted in the “Best Political” category, following through on my commitment. Message said it would be posted following approval.

  • Just spreading the wealth Mr. Tiger. But I fear your days as a conservative are numbered, you are too literate.

    Quote of the day

    “You like literary people, you like people who write well, you like intellectuals, well why don’t you go over there and join them!”

    -Rush Limbaugh speaking on his radio show 11/6/08 to “moderate” Republicans he refers to as “Democrat-lite” that he wants to cast out of the Republican party.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    You are once again making assumptions just like the rest of the koolaid drinkers. It’s Ms. to you, and if you had taken the time to read my “About” page you would know who I am. Former Dem turned Indie and a moderate.

    Better start getting edumacated….LOL

  • Afternoon Ms. I actually did realize you had broken ranks with the Dems. Careless use of conservative, my regrets.

  • While we’re chatting I guess I should say the only Koolaid I have imbibed was the electric type when I was a raging drug addict back in the early 70’s. I am 54 years old and have studied political philosophy for 30 years. My choice to be on the left is quite deliberate and does not represent evidence of an altered mental state. I just happen to embrace a different set of values than you. You do not honor yourself with name calling.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Do not try to shame me…after being called the numerous slang terms for a woman….I am unfazed.

    So…you admit you drank the koolaid a very long time ago and it will never wear off. You are officially a koolaid drinker. Congratulations.

  • If our beliefs and behavior are unchangeable how do you account for your own conversion? And one wonders why you invest so much time writing these passionate appeals to reason. Do you have an audience or are you just preaching to the choir?

  • Diamond Tiger -

    I converted to indie at age 18, the day after my first vote had been cast. You are the person that said you had not changed. What does that say about you? What does that say about your ability to think independently of your party?

    Until this election cycle I was ignoring what the two major parties and the federal government were doing to us; just trying to keep working and feeding my family, and then the MSM tipped their hand and I started watching. This blog became my way to vent. Now it has become an entity unto itself and I will continue to write for as long as the BLATANT corruption in BOTH parties continues.

    As for preaching to the choir…I am even amazed at who shows up on my site. 🙂

  • I think I linked here through Real Clear Politics but can’t be 100% sure.
    I guess by saying I drank LSD laced Koolaid in the 70’s you’ve interpreted that as saying I haven’t changed. I have been clean and sober 19 years on 1/9/2009, so I was saying that my choices are independent of altered mental states or proselytization.
    I typically vote for the candidate that most closely represents my beliefs and that is usually Democrat. But there is rarely a perfect match. I have come to believe life isn’t black and white, neat and clean. I have deal breakers among my values and I have negotiables. Usually there are compromises.
    There is undoubtably corruption all around us and I endorse all efforts to eradicate it.
    Best Wishes.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Randy – no disrespect, but are you a moron? This has nothing to do with doing drugs in the 70’s. This has to do with being a left wing liberal and not changing your belief system over 30 years.

    You Said:

    “I am 54 years old and have studied political philosophy for 30 years. My choice to be on the left is quite deliberate and does not represent evidence of an altered mental state.”

    So you deliberately have not changed in 30 years?

    I always thought that with more knowledge, opinions and views changed….

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