PUMA Politics: The Obamanation Is At It Again!!!

Pumas told the world that voters were being intimidated and turned away from the voting centers by Obamabots during the primaries.  Is it is any wonder that it is happening again, but this time, somebody is watching and filming:


For those of you just joining the party that motivated PUMAs to say COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY, go here and find out about all the voter intimidation that went on during the primaries.  There are four videos from We Will Not Be Silenced.  Here is Part I:

By Logistics Monster


  • hmmm…
    not surprised that this is taking place…
    and not surprised that fox seems to be the only ones reporting it…
    we may see mccain lawsuits all over…
    re: military ballots, and democrat officials keeping republican officials away from polling stations…

  • Diamond Tiger -

    I have been telling other PUMAs that we aren’t going to know who the president is tonight or tomorrow because of all these shenanigans and ACORN. Get ready for the lawsuits and waiting….

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Yes Ghost – non-dems don’t know about this sh**…but PUMAs do because we have been living it! Like I said, welcome to the party folks – COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY!!!

  • 30yrdem-not any more -

    We tried to get help fighting Obama in the primary…no rep’s would help…they thought they could win against Obama….I bet they wish they had payed attention to our side of things back when..

  • No surprises there. Yep… just like the Democratic Primaries.

    What a shame that Brazile, Dean and Obama have foisted this upon us.

    The Democratic Party is a miserable failure for it’s own people.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Note to The Borg Collective – the election is not over and the president has not been chosen. Your comments are STILL NOT allowed here until after those two events have happened.

    Have A Nice PUMA Day!!!!

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