Day: November 4, 2008

Presidential Election Reaction

I know that some of my most loyal readers are coming here to see what my reaction to tonight's calling of the race for the Obamanation would be. I must say that I am as devastated as I have ever been with a presidential race going all the way back to Carter.  Now I remember why I stopped paying attention to these races.  I am also devastated that there are once again so many people in our country that wish to stay blind and be led.  This is not a free people and for the first time in my life,…
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PUMA Politics: The Obamanation Is At It Again!!!

Pumas told the world that voters were being intimidated and turned away from the voting centers by Obamabots during the primaries.  Is it is any wonder that it is happening again, but this time, somebody is watching and filming: UPDATE: For those of you just joining the party that motivated PUMAs to say COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY, go here and find out about all the voter intimidation that went on during the primaries.  There are four videos from We Will Not Be Silenced.  Here is Part I:
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