PUMAs and many, many Americans remember this:

Only a few MSM outlets reported this rudeness to Hillary Clinton and her supporters or the response of The Borg Collective to this incredibly immature maneuver made by a possible presidential candidate. The Borg Collective kept telling everybody that we were imagining things. I never had any doubt about this gesture and now, nobody should have any doubt about it.  Wow.  Shocking!  Obama got away with it the first time, why not do it again?

This arrogant, corporate-driven, marketed candidate wants everyone to know how special he is; and people wonder why PUMAs are voting for a true American Hero and his Maverick partner.  Does anybody need any more proof that this really does come down to those haves and have nots OF AMERICAN VALUES?

Only difference seems to be that the MSM is actually reporting that Obama is acting like he has already won by congratulating John McCain on a hard fought race.  Maybe some patriotric journalist will stand up and tell the public what actually happened.  Until then, we PUMAs will continue to show the world about this high school senior with no experience who runs with a bad crowd.

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