I have read that “undecided voters” are some kind of zombie that have not been paying attention to what is going on in this election.  I personally do not agree with this point of view.  I think undecideds fall into two categories; people that do not want to say who they are voting for, and people who “think” they should vote for Obama because the MSM is telling them to because “he is so far ahead, it’s over”, but they just have this incredibly uneasy feeling about Barack and Michelle.  I personally believe that most undecideds fall into the latter category.  Remember all the pundits telling Hillary to quit while she was hammering Obama 2 and 3 to 1 in states near the end?  Remember that newspaper telling everybody that Hillary had conceded the morning of the last primary in hopes it would suppress her votes?

Yesterday, the Just Say No Deal Coalition had their “Closing Arguments” Conference Call with Lady Lynn de Rothschild, Larry Johnson, Rudy Guiliani, and more importantly, Dr. Lynette Long. This call was a groundbreaking event; leading Democrats and Republicans coming together to explain what happened in the Democratic primaries, and why we should ALL BE VOTING for John McCain as our next president.  I personally have already happily pulled the lever for the McCain/Palin ticket.

For undecideds and curious Americans, I am embedding the archived BlogTalk program from yesterday in hopes that you will listen to Dr. Long and understand why Barack Obama has gotten this far, and why we deserve better. The Democratic primaries were far from fair and just and you will hear how the DNC and Obama rigged this election with caucus fraud and voters being bussed in from other states.  The Superdelegates voted against their constituencies because of money that was funnelled to them from Nancy Pelosi and Obama’s Pacs…..listen and hear the rest.

If a candidate is willing to break this many rules to get to the general,

WHAT will he do if he becomes president?

I do not know about you, but I believe that Americans dislike cheaters.

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