Day: November 3, 2008

PUMA POLITICS: Irony and Justice In The Universe

I personally think there is definitely some justice in the Universe when "The Monster" was born on June 18th, 2008 on Blogger, moved to, and then moved here to this wonderful self-hosted site, protected and made possible by MediaTemple, and is now about to receive 100,000 hits on guess which day?  ELECTION DAY!  BWAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! There is something incredibly delicious and amazingly beautiful about a PUMA Site hitting that mark on the day the Gumby is going down in flames! Don't believe me; that's fine...just remember, don't believe the polls or the exit polls, or the MSM that is going…
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PUMA Politics: What The MSM Will Not Show You (Or Fair & Balanced My A**)

Oh yeah, it has been All Obama, All The Time for how long?  Bit sick of it?  Bit tired of Gumby trying to close the deal and not being able to MAKE IT HAPPEN? Here is a really good slice of what the MSM DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW because then you would know what PUMAs know - The Right Choice is McCain/Palin08!!!!!!! Real American Heroes, John McCain and Sarah Palin! Watch this a few'll make you feel better!!!! And here is the reason that John McCain IS THE BEST CLOSER! and the reason we need a Commander…
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PUMA POLITICS: After Ignoring The Polls, Ignore The Exit Polls

PUMAS, VOTE!  THEN WATCH....WAIT....BE READY!!! So we know that the polls factor in the Bradley Effect, but not the PUMA Effect.  I have been telling everyone that will listen not to believe the polls because they HAVE NO IDEA what is going on, and when you add in WHO actually shows up to vote and in what numbers, once again, NOBODY KNOWS what is going to happen. I have also been telling all the PUMAs I know that I do not believe we will actually know who the President is on November 5th due to ACORN, Voter Fraud, Voting Machine…
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The Ant and The Grasshopper….Modernized!

Kevin left this on my site and I really felt that more than just a few people should read it!  Thanks Kev!!! The Ant and The Grasshopper *There is an ‘Old Version’ and a ‘Modern Version’ …. Two Different Versions! ** **Two Different set of Morals! OLD VERSION: The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed. The grasshopper has no food…
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